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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 349: Farewell Banquet

“Yes, Ma’am. ” Florence greeted politely and her hand was held by Georgia amiably. In the past, Georgia also loved to hold Florence’s hand like this with a kind face. At that time, Florence still felt that she was really a particularly nice old woman and perhaps she really liked her. But she only realized in the end that what Georgia liked were her background and identity. Besides, Georgia had long known her identity but she had never said anything to her. Florence did not dare to think deeply about the schemes that were used. She kept a polite smile and followed Georgia to sit down. “Flory, Grandma is really happy that you can come. ” She looked at Florence. Her wrinkled face was with obvious guilt, “Regarding the matter of your family background, it’s Grandma’s fault. I’m too selfish. I originally planned to set you up with Ernest and let you two get married first and I’ll tell you this matter after the marriage and bring you home to acknowledge your biological parents. Although I didn’t intend to keep you in the dark for long, I’ve also tricked you to get married. ” If Florence was taken back to acknowledge her biological parents after the marriage, there was a marriage contract. So, even if the Fraser family did not agree, they also had to agree. As for what kind of cooperation that involved benefits would the two families have, Florence could not figure it out and she also did not want to think about it. She forced herself to curl into a smile. “Ma’am, I know that everyone has their own standpoint for benefits so I really don’t blame you. These are all the matter in the past and I hope you won’t take it to heart anymore. ” “You’re really a good person. Unfortunately, alas, I’m the one who has held up you and Ernest. ” Georgia lamented. Florence pursed her lips and did not say anything more. In fact, Ma’am did not know that Ernest totally did not intend to get engaged in the beginning so the first time they met, he and she agreed to fake the engagement. Afterward, he really wanted to marry her and the reason for this was just because he found out her identity. It was just a relationship of making use of her so it was not considered unfortunate. “Well, let’s stop talking about this. Since we’re all together tonight, let’s have a good meal. Just treat the previous matters as the matters in the past. In the future, everyone will still be friends. ” Georgia smiled and comforted Florence. Florence was a little embarrassed. She nodded. At this time, the waiter came over again and opened the door, “Sir, please. ” There was still someone coming? Stunned, Florence turned her head to take a look and she surprisingly saw that it was Ernest. He was wearing a black suit and still looked very handsome. But, his face seemed to have lost some weight and his contours looked deeper

Although he was domineering, he would always be respectful towards Georgia. After pouring the wine, Georgia’s face looked slightly serious. She lifted the glass

. “The reason why I asked both of you to come tonight is that I have something to say to you guys. ” Her expression looked a bit serious. She paused for a while before continuing to speak. “I’ve agreed to cancel the marriage of you guys. ”These words were uttered very slowly as if it took all her strength to say them. Ernest’s eyes darkened. Florence subconsciously gripped the wine glass tightly. She felt very uncomfortable as if her heart was hit by something. This matter had been discussed from a few months ago until now. Georgia finally agreed and it was considered to have come to the end. It was a successful ending. This was the result she had been looking forward to for a long time but she did not feel happy at all. In the future, she really had no relationship with Ernest anymore. It was good too. Florence’s stiffly lifted the wine glass. Was this toast meant to celebrate the success of the cancellation of the marriage?Ernest’s handsome face looked very cold and was expressionless. He looked at the two wine glasses in front of him and only felt incomparably sarcastic. She indeed spared no effort on the matter of cancelling the marriage. Now, all her worries were gone, she was happy, right?Since this was the case, he would fulfil her desire. Ernest sarcastically curled his lips and raised his wine glass. ‘Clink’, his wine glass collided into Florence’s. This was the first time that he looked directly at her tonight. His tone was cold, “Congratulations. ”This word made Florence abruptly stiffen as if thousands of arrows had penetrated her heart in the blink. Congratulations?Oh, it was really ironic. She gritted her teeth and tried her best to suppress her embarrassment. She took the wine glass and drank all. She would just leave it at that then. They would just be on good terms after separating. No one was benefitted from this absurd marriage. Both of them were severely hurt. It was time to put an end to it.