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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 359: Farewell, Ernest

“Mr. Mr. Hawkins!” Phoebe’s father stood up from his chair immediately, gaping at the man walking into their house in disbelief. He wondered if he had an illusion. Ernest Hawkins, the most powerful man of City N and CEO of the Hawkins family, had come to his house. “What have brought you down here, Mr. Hawkins? Please have a seat!” In a panic, Phoebe’s father wiped his hands on his clothes. Then he rushed to Ernest hurriedly. Ernest paused. He looked through Phoebe’s father and stared at Phoebe. He said in a deep voice, “I’m here for you. ” Phoebe’s father paused his action to reach out to shake hands with him. He felt quite embarrassed. It seemed that Mr. Hawkins completely had ignored him. “Phoebe, why are you standing there? Hurry up and come over. ” “Oh. Okay. ” Phoebe came back to her senses. She walked to Ernest and said, “Mr. Hawkins, please have a seat. What would you like to drink?” “Nothing. I just want to ask you a few questions. Please answer me honestly,” Ernest went straight to the point. Phoebe had to stand in front of him obediently as if she was an elementary student answering the questions from her headteacher. Seeing what was going on, Phoebe’s parents left the room, leaving them privacy. They didn’t know what questions Mr. Hawkins would ask, but they couldn’t stay there and listen to those questions. Seeing there was no one else around, Ernest asked, “What have Florence and you done in the villa of Senna International Villa Community?” Phoebe was startled for a moment. It wasn’t until now did she realize that he was asking about Florence’s matters. No wonder the superior Mr. Hawkins would come to her in person. In a surprise, she asked, “Haven’t those things been cleaned up yet?” It had been a long time. A moment later, she thought of something. Looking at Ernest in surprise, she asked, “Mr. Hawkins, have you just seen the decoration in the villa?” Ernest’s eyes were darkened. He nodded. Phoebe’s mouth corners twitched. Ernest didn’t find it early. Now he had seen it, but it was already past one in the afternoon. Looking at him, she said, “Mr. Hawkins, may I ask what you want to know since you came to ask me about the decoration? Do you want to give me a punishment or. ” “I want to know what Florence’s purpose was,” Ernest spoke word by word in a deep and determined tone, which contained the uneasy determination

” “Where are you going?” Harold was confused. Then he thought of something. “Are you going to the airport?” He had just got to know that Florence was leaving City N today not long ago

. That was why he came over to find Phoebe in a hurry, trying to see if Florence’s bestie could make her stay. After all, only when Florence stayed in City N could Ernest and she reconcile. Ernest nodded, shaking off Harold’s hand immediately. Then he strode over to his car. Since Ernest was heading to the airport, Harold didn’t find it necessary to discuss anything with Phoebe. Immediately, he sat in Ernest’s car. Ernest stepped on the gas, and the car roared away. In a hurry, Harold grabbed the handle in the car. His heart jumped into his throat. Ernest was driving the way too fast. How anxious he was!Harold was so afraid that they would have a car accident. He reminded Ernest carefully, “Ernest, it’s only a few minutes past one. We won’t be late. ”After knowing everything, Ernest wished that he could have wings and appear in front of Florence right away. Harold looked at the speedy car, his face becoming livid. He could only grab the handle tightly. --At the airport. It was announced that it was time for boarding. The passengers were walking towards the shuttle buses at the boarding gate. With the air ticket in her hands, Florence was sitting in a daze. She looked quite blankly. Nobody knew what she was thinking about. Stanford was sitting next to her. He patted her on the shoulder with concern. “Flory, it’s time to leave. ”Florence came back to her senses. “Oh. Sure. ”She stood up and was about to follow the crowd to the boarding gate. Stanford grabbed her hand and said helplessly, “We don’t need to join the crow. We’ll go the other way. ”He took Florence to the VIP passage and get on a special shuttle that sent them to the plane. Florence stood next to the plane. Looking at the entrance on it, she was taken aback. She felt cold and sad. She looked towards the direction where City N was. Grabbing her purse in her hands tightly, she tried hard to suppress the reluctance and sadness in her heart. Her lips apart, she said in an extremely low voice, “Farewell. ” Her inner voice called the name, ‘Ernest. ’