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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 256: Farthest and Nearest

Before she could figure it out, she said, “Mr. Hawkins, I’ll go to my lounge. ” The lounge was arranged by the sponsor, and she didn’t know where her lounge was, so she asked an employee of the fashion show who was standing next to her. The staff looked at her ticket and became a bit surprised. Then he had an ingratiating look on his face. “Ms. Fraser, the lounge for you and Mr. Hawkins is the A-labeled VIP suite on the top floor. Shall I show you the way?” Florence was a bit taken aback as she didn’t miss the key point in his answer. He said the lounge for her and Mr. Hawkins. Wasn’t it a single lounge for her only? Florence was confused and about to question him further, Ernest walked to her. Reaching out, he put his arm on her shoulder and said to the staff, “Please go back to your work. ” “Sure, Mr. Hawkins. If you need any help, please inform me. ” The staff left respectfully. As soon as he left, Florence looked up at the man next to her in confusion. Ernest was calm and indifferent. He followed her as if he had known there was a lounge arranged for them both. He pressed his lips and explained to Florence, “You are my date, and the sponsor also knew that we’re couple-to-be, so they provide us with one lounge. ” Ernest had admitted that Florence was his fiancée in public, so most of the attendees in the fashion show knew the fact. It seemed the sponsor’s arrangement made sense indeed. However. Florence looked at the man next to her in depression. She felt so uneasy. She had never expected that she would take a break with him in the same room. While she was hesitating and depressed, Ernest said in a casual and flat tone, “We’ll take a break at noon. The suite is quite big. You won’t feel crowded. ” After a pause, he added in a deep voice, “If you still feel uneasy, I can stay out. ” “Then where are you going?” Florence asked subconsciously. Ernest shrugged. “It’s such a big place here. I can wander around. Soon the evening would come. ” Wandering around? For a whole afternoon? Florence suddenly felt that her conscience was troubled. She could have a break and take a nap in the lounge, but Ernest had to wander around in the hall. It was way too immoral. After a hesitation, Florence still didn’t have the heart and said, “Let’s go to the lounge together

I found them in the closet. They are new and the quality is just fine. You can make do with hit

. ” Florence couldn’t help but praised the hotel again -- it was indeed the president suite, and even the pajamas were prepared The quality of the pajamas in her hands was much better than the clothes that she wore usually. Since she could take a nap with the pajamas, Florence didn’t refuse. She took over them from Ernest’s hands and went to the bathroom to change. It might be a coincidence -- the size of the pajamas suited her very well. She felt quite cozy in them. After putting on the pajamas, Florence came out of the bathroom. Much to her surprise, she found something in the suite, which emanated a good smell of the food. Ernest was reading on the sofa. Hearing her coming out, he closed the book elegant and put it down. Then he stood up and said casually, “Come on. Have some lunch. ”As he spoke, he strode towards the dining table of the dining room. There was a table of delicious dishes. Looking from afar, Florence was drooling. It wasn’t until then did Florence realize that she hadn’t had lunch yet. She was so starved. In slippers, she walked over. “Is this. ”“Delivered by the hotel,” Ernest explained before she could finish her words as if he knew what she was about to ask. He was sitting at the table elegantly, looking quite noble and handsome. He looked more attractive than the table of dishes. Florence’s heart hammered. She immediately returned to her senses and sat down at the table. She thought that the lunch must be arranged by the sponsor. After the fashion show ended, she came to the lounge and didn’t know where she was supposed to have lunch. Now the food was delivered to the suite considerately, which was definitely quite good. However, Florence looked at the tall and strong man sitting next to her, her mind in a mess. It seemed that she hadn’t been sitting next to Ernest while eating for a long time. They used to do it quite often in the past. The feeling made her feel a bit strange but very familiar. Seeing that Florence was in a daze, Ernest asked, “What’s wrong?”“No. Nothing. ”Florence came back to her senses. Withdrawing her gazes in annoyance, she wondered why her mind was always in a mess.