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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 272: Feeling beyond Friends

Since she couldn’t gain Reynold’s heart, why Florence could have it? As long as Florence was Ernest’s fiancée for one day and as soon as she married Ernest, she couldn’t marry Reynold at all. In that case, Annabelle would have a chance. Annabelle wouldn’t give up on Reynold so easily. “Reynold, I know you are obsessed by that temptress now, so you behave in this way. But I believe you’ll see through Florence Fraser’s true colors one day. After fooling around her, you’ll get tired of this kind of freakish woman!” Florence couldn’t help twitching the mouth corners when listening to her. She was just an onlooker, a passerby. At most, she was the third wheel. How come she was pulled into the battlefield and became the victim that was attacked and hurt the most? She truly wanted to defend herself. Walking out from Reynold’s back, Florence faced Annabelle. “Miss, I’m sure you’ve misunderstood. Mr. Myron and I are only coworkers and friends. No affair happened between us. It’s not like what you’ve thought. ” “No affair happened?” As if she had heard the biggest joke, Annabelle looked at Florence in a disdainful and hateful way. “I’ve seen a lot of hypocritical women, but I didn’t know you are this kind as well. You are such a bitch indulging yourself in prostitution while boasting your chastity. ” “Miss, please be self-respected. Don’t wrong and hurt others based on your ridiculous imagination. ” “Do you think it’s gonna work if you don’t admit anything? All right. Let me ask you. During this period, didn’t Reynold take special care of you? Whenever you went, he would pick you up and send you there deliberately. He made breakfast for you and had meals with you. Let alone his profession . he even took you for field trips in the fashion industry personally, taught you everything carefully, and answered all your questions. “Who is Reynold? I guess almost all women in Riverside City know him well. He could be very good to one woman. Even if he treats her extremely well, his ultimate purpose would just for a one-night-stand. “He always has his purposes on whatever he’s done. When have we seen him treating a woman so patiently before? But how does he treat you? “Just in his profession, he even didn’t teach his students so carefully, let alone taking them for the field trips to study. Florence Fraser, haven’t you ever thought about it? Why would he treat you so special and so well?” Annabelle’s words had choked Florence, who was in a daze now. She couldn’t help but recall the first day when she got in town

He regretted how blind he was and why he had a one-night-stand with such a woman. “Last warning . get out of my face! Now! Otherwise, you can’t blame me for throwing you out of here

. ” Reynold’s voice was cold and harsh, which couldn’t hide his fury at all. Annabelle was about to say something else. Upon hearing it, she had swallowed her words back. She wanted to be Reynold’s girlfriend eagerly, so she knew Reynold’s personality well . she couldn’t afford to piss him off. Suppressing her feelings reluctantly, Annabelle glared at Florence in hatred. She gritted her teeth. “I wouldn’t give up this time! Florence Fraser, I’m declaring war with you. You’d better be sensible enough to leave Reynold alone. Otherwise, you can’t blame me for being rude to you!”Florence was speechless. Annabelle snorted and then walked out reluctantly. It seemed that she would do such a thing next time. Reynold pressed his temples in pain, looking at Florence in embarrassment. “Sorry for making you aggrieved. Please ignore her. I’ll deal with her. ”“It’s alright. ”Florence shook her head. Reynold still frowned. “What she said just now. ”“I didn’t take them to heart,” Florence interrupted his words with a smile. She didn’t want him to confess his love to her. Hence, she said jokingly, “If she hasn’t said those words, I wouldn’t find that you've been taking good care of me! Mr. Myron, it’s really my honor to have you as my friend and mentor. ”She only treated Reynold as her mentor and friend, so she hoped that her words would deny Reynold’s intention. Upon hearing that Florence called him as her friend so naturally without any suspicion, Reynold felt a pang in his chest. In fact, he didn’t mind at all if Florence had some other intention on him. Reynold’s lips parted a bit, but finally, he didn’t utter any word