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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 69: Felt So Embarrassed

Florence didn’t expect that a conversation about allowance would come to this. She thought to herself and said, “But before I came in earlier, Ernest said he would pay if I lost. ” “Well, that seemed exactly like what he would do. ” Georgia smiled kindly. Then, she glanced at Brianna and gave her a look of reproach, “We could play in peace now with no worries, right?” Brianna’s expression was a little stiff as she smiled awkwardly. “I was just concerned about them. After all, Ernest is getting engaged for the first time. I'm worried that he doesn't know how to be nice to a girl. ” “Who knows? Perhaps Ernest knows know to coax a girl better than you do. Don’t you think so, Florence?” Eunice responded with a smile while looking ambiguously at Florence. Florence realized it wasn’t a meeting to play mahjong, but instead it was a gossip time for them. However, she still had to deal with it. Florence took the mahjong in her hand and replied with a smile, “Well, he’s really nice to me. ” “You’ve been engaged for so long, has he ever taken you out for a trip?” Brianna asked casually. Florence replied politely, “We went out for a road trip twice. Once to ML Flower Market, and the other time to the sea. When Georgia heard her words, she smiled in satisfaction. Brianna looked at Florence with her sharp eyes, “Ernest had never liked crowded places. ML Flower Market is known to have many tourists there, why did he go there?” Of course, he went there to choose flowers. But, Florence couldn’t say it like that. She hesitated for a moment before saying, “Maybe it was because I mentioned to him by chance that I liked watching flowers. ” After a slight pause, in order to make her words seemed more realistic, she added, “We spent a day at ML Flower Market. Ernest even ate at a roadside stall, which attracted the attention of many girls there. “Slam!” Brianna shoved the mahjong in her hand on the table. She stared at Florence and glowered, “Florence, why are you lying?” Florence was stunned by her words. She was a little nervous that she might have been exposed. Did they already know beforehand that Ernest went there to choose flowers, and he just took her to the flower market by the way? Brianna’s tone was stern, “Ernest doesn’t like to eat cumin since young. Most roadside stalls have cumin in the food they make. How could you say that he ate at the roadside stall? “But, he really did. He ate there with me. ” Florence quickly explained. She didn’t lie about the fact that Ernest ate at the roadside stall. However, Brianna obviously didn’t believe her. The other two stared at her silently, as they also felt unimaginable that Ernest would eat at the roadside stall. Florence felt extremely vexed. She actually planned to say the fact of the matter out so that Mrs. Hawkins could be at ease

The game was finished. Not knowing whether luck was with her today or because Mrs. Hawkins was in her favor, she was able to win a little money

. In conclusion, she managed to get through a daunting experience without any mishap. In the afternoon, it was almost time to leave. After greeting Mrs. Hawkins, she went to the room to get her luggage. Ernest was sitting on the couch in the room, and he stared at her intensely. Florence felt a little uncomfortable as he kept staring at her, “Mr. Hawkins, it’s time for me to go back. ” “Come here. ”Ernest ignored her words and pointed to the place beside him, signaling her to sit down here. “Is there anything else that you need?”Florence walked over and was about to sit down on the other couch next to him. At that moment, Ernest suddenly grabbed her wrist and pulled her towards him. Florence was already about to sit down, so her body fell on Ernest due to inertia as he pulled her without notice. Florence, “. ”She quickly sat up and moved back in a panic to maintain a slightly safe distance from Ernest. Ernest faintly looked at her, “I heard there was a picture of me in your phone. Why didn’t I know about it?”Florence’s face blushed in an instant. Of course he wouldn’t know about it, since she took it secretly. She didn’t dare to look at him. The corner of Ernest’s lips tipped into a faint smile, and he reached out his hand to her. “Give me your phone. ”What did he want to do with it?She thought about the picture that she took secretly, perhaps Ernest wanted to delete it himself?Florence’s face blushed even more as she felt more embarrassed. She stiffly took out her cell phone and handed it to Ernest. Ernest took the phone over, and his fair and long fingers pressed on the screen several times before returning the phone to Florence. Florence held the phone in her hand as if she was holding a hot potato. It was really embarrassed to get caught taking a picture of someone secretly. Ernest looked at Florence, and his deep tone was slightly teasing her. “If you want a picture of me in the future, you don’t have to take it secretly. I could cooperate with you. ”What?He was definitely mocking her. Florence felt so embarrassed. She quickly stood up to pick her luggage and walked towards the outside of the room.