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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 315: Fighting Back

There was a gentle smile on her face, which looked casual and normal as if she hadn’t any other intention instead of being a friend to him. In the past, because of guilt and their friendship in childhood, Ernest didn’t refuse Gemma, who looked like this. He let her stay by him because he knew their relationship clearly. However, this relationship made Florence misunderstand that Gemma was his girlfriend. He disliked this kind of misunderstanding a lot, or exactly, he disgusted it. Hence, he distanced himself from Gemma. When Ernest looked up, he saw the piece of apple in front of his mouth. It was neatly peeled, as delicate as an artwork, almost the same as the pieces from a fruit chef. Ernest couldn’t help recalling the apple peeled and cut by Florence -- the pieces were not neat and their shapes were quite weird. They were not like artwork at all, quite rough. However, he realized that only the apple pieces cut by Florence could arouse his appetite. Ernest looked cold. Pressing his lips, he was about to refuse. Right then, the door of the ward was pushed open rudely. “I’ve brought you back the breakfast. ” Before Florence could finish her words, she stopped. She found the person next to the bed was Gemma in shock. Right then, she was holding a piece of apply, ready to feed Ernest. How intimate! Fury and jealousy surged in her chest all of a sudden. Ernest looked over and found Florence standing at the door. She was there in a daze, looking as if she had a heavy blow. His expression changed a bit. Gemma also turned around. Seeing Florence, she was suddenly startled, a touch of panic rising from the bottom of her heart. Only Florence and she knew what had happened that day. It was because she had pushed Florence, the latter broke into the crosswalk after the right light was on. The initiator of the evil for this accident was her, Gemma. If Florence told others about it, the Hawkins family and even Ernest would vent their anger on her. Moreover, nobody knew that the car that rushed towards Florence was arranged by her. She originally planned to kill Florence, but unexpectedly, it was Ernest who was almost killed. In the past two days, she felt guilty and scared. Hence, she didn’t have the guts to come to visit Ernest. Today, she finally plucked up her courage to accompany Ernest, but she didn’t expect that Florence would also come here. She couldn’t help but wonder if they were born rivals and why Florence had to be here at this time

She wondered if Gemma was too good at acting or she had too little conscience. In the past, Florence would care about Gemma’s dignity. However, after this accident, she only hated Gemma to the core

. “All right. Let’s talk about why I suddenly broke into the traffic when the red light was one and who should be the person who deserves to die, shall we?”Gemma heard her words, her face becoming paler. She felt more guilty. She had never expected that Florence, the woman who was always weak and kind, would reveal the truth in Ernest’s presence. Of course, Gemma didn’t want Ernest to know it. Even if she said that she didn’t mean to do it, if the Hawkins family looked into the matter seriously, she still couldn’t bear the consequences. Gemma’s expression kept changing. She scolded, “Why? Florence Fraser, you don’t admit that Ernest was injured because of you, but you want to find a scapegoat so that you would feel less guilty?“In the past, I just felt that you didn’t know chalk from cheese. You always wanted to call off your engagement with Ernest. Now, it seemed that not only that but also you are so heartless even without any conscience. Now you have nothing to do with Ernest already. Please don’t pretend to care about him and bother us. Fuck off!”As she spoke, she kept blaming Florence. Gemma looked at Florence coldly as if she was a goddess on the top of the morality, giving Florence a dark hashtag. She implied that no matter what Florence would say, all her words were just to defense herself to make her feel less guilty. In other words, Florence was just a selfish woman. Florence sneered. Those were just conflicts between Ernest and here indeed. Now Gemma mentioned them just because she wanted to drive a wedge between Ernest and her, didn’t she?Gemma was always good at playing such a dirty trick. However, Florence didn’t think she would fall into this kind of trap and be fooled around by Gemma gain. She said coldly, “I’ve mentioned calling off the engagement to Ernest, but as far as I know, this news hasn’t been announced to the public yet. Miss Marlon, may I know how you got to know it?”Upon hearing her question, Gemma was taken aback. She knew it because she had her own men in the Hawkins family’s house, who could keep her updated about what was going on there. That was why she had known it. However, how could Gemma tell them aboveboard that she had spies?At the thought of it, she couldn’t help cursing Florence inwardly. She didn’t expect that Florence didn’t feel anything after she had said those words to drive a wedge between Ernest and her. Florence didn’t even feel guilty, but instead, Florence revealed her mistake. Gemma wondered if the woman in front of her now was still the Florence Fraser that she had known.