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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 461: Florence, Are You Breaking Your Promise?

It was respect and also a sense of responsibility. Also to put himself into Florence's shoes. He considered all these from the very beginning, Clarence's considerations put Victoria at ease. It may seem like casual chatting, but it was full of scrutiny and judgments, but Victoria was quite happy with the outcome. He left a quite good impression in Victoria's heart. With good manners, clean background and responsible, she could let Florence befriend him without worries. Convenience and space were two things that a parent could provide to the children. As long as it was with a proper man, Victoria did not care about status and would not object. But if it was a cunning man like Ernest, she would intervene and oppose. Although she left out of anger, Florence still worried about Ernest. She intentionally left the door open in her room, sitting there and looked at the door occasionally. Florence was excited when she heard someone walking into the living hall, she walked out of the room quickly. She let out a sigh of relief when she saw it was Ernest. And she asked, "How was it? Did mom troubled you? Did she discover anything?" "You seems to worry so much about me, why don't you give me a hug to see if I'm still in one piece?" Ernest joked, the way he looked at her was full of love and passion. Florence punched his chest lightly. "Be serious. " "Let's do something serious then. " Ernest grabbed on Florence's wrists with one hand and wrapped her around the waist with another hand, gave her a light pull and pressed her against the wall. He looked at her passionately. Florence's heart was racing, her breath was rapid and she was nervous. "Hey, what are you doing?" Ernest moved his lips and blew onto Florence's face. It was seductive and irresistible. He stared at her with desire. His lips approaching hers slowly

Since they knew each other, Ernest had never broken her trust. This was the first promise she made but she was breaking it… A sudden felt of guilt surrounded her. She felt she had wronged him and so, without hesitation, she said, “Yes, I will do it!” Ernest’s eyes shined, but he still looked disappointed with pouted lips

. “You don’t have to force yourself. ” “I’m not forcing myself, I do it willingly. ” Florence’s heart softened, she wanted to show him her sincerity and grabbed on his belt at once. “Snap”The sound of belt snapping could be heard in the quiet living hall. Ernest’s sights became darker. He took Florence’s hand and said, “In the room. ” And moved towards the room with her. A man spoke from the door amid all the actions. “Clarence, how did you practice your shooting, let’s chat…” Stanford Fraser walked in, but his speech was cut off with the scene before him. God knew what he saw. The two of them leaned against the wall with the woman on top? It looked like Florence threw herself onto him and tried to take off his belt forcefully… “I didn’t see anything!” Stanford buried his face in his palm and turned around at once. He couldn’t believe that his sister was that fierce and forceful. And he walked in on them! Florence’s body stiffened and turned her head in shock, she saw Stanford’s back. Her face became as red as blood, and she felt like her face was burning. Someone walked into her doing stuff like that and it was none other than her brother. How could she ever face others?!“I, I will go to bed. ” She stammered out the line and rushed back into her room at lightning speed and slammed the door behind. Everything happened within seconds. Ernest’s dark and loving eyes fell onto the closed door, with a little disappointment. It seemed like he missed his meal again tonight…