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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 279: Florence Has a Crush on Someone

“Oops! Do I need to take advantage of you? You should know I have plenty of girlfriends,” Harold said disdainfully. However, his tall and strong body kept pressing towards Phoebe. As he spoke, he reached out to grab her cell phone. Phoebe looked at him warily. In an instant, she raised her phone backward. “What are you doing?” “Let me take a look at who your babe is,” Harold said naturally. Reaching out his long arm, he grabbed Phoebe’s cell phone. Then he pulled with strength. The phone was snatched from her. “Give me back my phone!” Phoebe exclaimed. Harold, however, took a few steps back. Then he immediately looked on Phoebe’s phone. His long fingers scrolled up the chatting log. The person, Phoebe’s babe, seemed to have a crush on someone. According to their dialogues, it seemed that the person liked the one very much. Harold didn’t care about it at all. However, he was curious who Phoebe’s babe was. Then he kept scrolling up the chat log. “Harold Hammer, have a shame! Stop reading my chat log. It’s my privacy!” Phoebe stamped in anger. She punched at him to grab her phone back. Harold acted faster . he pressed Phoebe’s shoulder with one hand to keep her distance away from him. His other hand still quickly scrolled up the chat log. Although the nickname of the person was “Babe” on the chat window, Harold tabbed the person’s profile portrait and saw a familiar face. It turned out to be Florence! Phoebe and Florence were besties, so it was natural for the former to call the latter Babe. The key point was that the chat content that Harold didn’t pay much attention to had become the most important information. Florence had a crush on someone, didn’t she? Florence fell in love with someone, didn’t she? That was big news. If Ernest knew it, wouldn’t he be overjoyed? Harold suddenly had a second thought, wondering if the one that Florence had a crush on was Ernest. He wasn’t a reckless man, so he wanted to confirm it with Phoebe. “Who is the man that Florence has a crush on?” Phoebe was still hopping up and down, trying to get her phone back. Upon hearing his question, she knew that Harold the jerk had already read her chat log with Florence. It was the privacy of a girl. How could a man be so shameless? Phoebe said to him in disdain, “Why should I tell you? Give me back the phone!” She regretted. She shouldn’t have hanged out tonight. She even encountered Harold and others. She should haven’t accepted their invitation and sat with them together. Harold was such a shameless and immoral man without any principle. If Florence knew that her privacy was seen by Harold, she would be quite embarrassed and ashamed

Phoebe was so pissed. Rushing over, she pressed Harold on the sofa. Dragging his wrist, she straddled on his waist

. Looking down at him, she said in a fierce tone, “Behave yourself! Give me the phone!” Being pounced at, Harold gaped. He looked at the woman straddling on him in shock, his mouth corners kept twitching. After a long while, he uttered a few words, “Do you want to fuck me?” Others in the box all stopped talking. In silence, they gaped at the two on the sofa. They just hung out for a drink and gathering together. Why were they tangling with each other like this in an instant? They wondered if they should go out and leave them alone in the box. Phoebe instantly blushed, her face like a tomato. She felt so embarrassed that she wished to dig a hole and hide in. “Shameless!” she scolded Harold in angry. Grabbing her phone, she turned around and ran away. Harold still remained half-lying on the sofa. He yelled at her back, “Don’t you want to fuck me?”Phoebe was speechless. This rascal shouldn’t be living in this world!She felt so ashamed, rushing out of the box in a hurry. In the box, everyone gazed at Harold weirdly, looking up at him up and down disdainfully. Anthony said, “Harold, you are becoming so low. You even want to fool around with your female friend. ”Harold jumped up from the sofa, feeling so annoyed. “I’m the victim who got pounced, OK?”The crowd denied, “We don’t think so. ”Anthony nodded to emphasize, “You looked as if you enjoyed it so much. ”Harold asked, “Did I?”Although Phoebe was always like a tomboy, when she straddled on him just now, she looked quite charming and handsome. He indeed thought that it was worth it if they could have sex. That was indeed a pity. He wondered why Phoebe didn’t continue. Harold shook his head. “It’s not good to do things by halves. Not good. ”Anthony was speechless. Later, he commented, “You are so shameless!”He didn’t want to talk to Harold any longer. Harold completely ignored the disdain from Anthony. After recalling his feeling just now, he thought of something more important. Immediately, he pulled out his phone and called Ernest. On the other end of the line, it took Ernest a long while to answer the phone. He said in an ever-cold tone, “What’s up?”“Ernest, breaking news . Florence has a crush on someone!”