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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 408: Florence, I Didn’t Know You Are So Eager

After hanging up the phone, Florence thought that Ernest called her from the supermarket and then he would drive up to the hillside. Hence, it might take him a long while. Unexpectedly, she saw Ernest come back shortly. She gaped at him when he climbed in from the window. “How could it be so fast?” She wondered if he flew back. Seeing through her mind, Ernest didn’t explain. He walked to her and bend over slightly, approaching her with his handsome face. “Don’t you want to reward me for it?” Reward him? For what? Looking at the enlarged side face in front of her, Florence blushed instantly, wondering if he was asking for a kiss. With a hammered heart and twinkled eyes, Florence snatched the tampon from his hand. “I’m going to the bathroom. ” After finishing her words, she sneaked into the bathroom as if she was escaping. Ernest looked at her receding back, curling up his lips into a doting smile. With Florence by his side, he would always be in a good mood. After changing the tampon, Florence walked out of the bathroom, only to find Ernest sitting on the sofa again with a glass of wine in his hand. He took a sip. However, she noticed the bottle of wine was almost finished. It seemed that he had drunk a lot tonight. However, Florence understood that any man would be quite depressed when he was at the most critical moment in bed. Moreover, Ernest was interrupted twice in a row. Florence felt a bit sorry for him. Walking to the sofa, she sat down next to him. “Ernest, thanks for the tampon,” she said. After a pause, she added, “I really appreciate it. ” He rushed to shop for the tampon for her at midnight. Ernest raised his hand and held Florence in his arms, pressing a doting smile. “You can’t only thank me by words. ” He looked at her deeply. “How would you like to thank me?” Florence was taken aback. She was just being polite to thank him. How come he asked for the reward? It seemed that this man couldn’t bear suffering a loss at all. “How would you like me to thank you, then?” she asked him. Ernest’s palm rubbed on her shoulder gently. He said in a steady, low, and luring voice, “After your period, you take the initiative. ” Florence blushed in an instant. She had never expected that he would be so shameless. It turned out that he was still thinking about that kind of stuff. In embarrassment, Florence titled her head shyly, completely ignoring him

In confusion, Florence asked, “What do you mean? I don’t understand. ” “Think it yourself,” Ernest answered in such a mysterious way. Then he put down the goblet

. While Florence was still puzzled, Ernest suddenly lifted her and carried her in his arms. “What are you doing?”In shock, Florence hurriedly wrapped her arms around Ernest’s neck. Since her body was in the mid-air, she instantly forgot the matter that bothered her just now. Ernest said, “Let’s go to bed. ”Florence felt the soft mattress sinking. Looking at the man lying next to her, she felt as if there were a bunny hopping in her chest restlessly. “Will you stay here tonight?”“Yeah. ” Ernest nodded. He leaned over and held Florence in his arms. He said in an ambiguous tone, “Do you think I just came here for making love for you only?”Florence blushed, pushing him away in embarrassment. “I don’t want to make love to you. How shameless you are!”“We didn’t succeed, but now you don’t admit it, do you?”With a playful smile, Ernest said jokingly, “Florence Fraser, I’ve never expected that you are such a woman!”His tone was full of complaints as if Florence was a moody woman only favoring the one-night-stand. Florence’s mouth corners twitched. He said those words even before they made love. She wondered how arrogant he would be after they had done it. She was a bit annoyed, so she decided to ignore Ernest. While she was lost in thought, she felt a warm big palm rubbed her lower belly. Florence stiffed instantly, hurriedly grabbing his palm. “Stop it, Ernest. I’m on period. ”Ernest chuckled in low voice, “Florence, I’m not that nasty. But you. ”He didn’t finish his words, but his implication hinted that she was the woman who coveted his body. Florence was extremely shy and annoyed. She wondered if he wasn’t going to make love, why would he touched her belly. When she was about to retort, she felt that Ernest’s palm on her belly stayed without moving at all. From his palm, the waves of warmth spread on her belly. Florence was in a daze. It wasn’t until now did she realize that he was afraid that she would suffer in the menstrual pain, so he was warming up her lower belly. He did it out of his kindness, but she had misunderstood. Florence was touched and shy. With a blushed face, she had no guts to look at him. Like a turtle, she pressed her face in his arms, dodging his eye contact