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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 590: Florence, I Love You

Florence was happy and wanted to cry at the same time. It had been so long since she had hugged and kissed Ernest like this. They had both encountered too many thrills and chills during this period, nearly parting with life and death. The hug now was precious. Florence reached out instinctively along Ernest’s waist, hugging him tightly. Tears slid down her face as she responded to him. Ernest kissed her cheek along the traces of her tears, kissing them away little by little. His kiss was gentle and yet deadly. His voice was low and earnest, just like having a vow. “Florence, we will never be apart again. ” They would never leave each other for the rest of their lives. The fountain behind him spurted up high with a swish and then scattered down. The shape of the water flowing was actually a heart shape from the perspective of Florence! She stared in amazement and her eyes blurred with tears, feeling surprised. Needless to say, this must have been arranged by Ernest too. She smiled happily, “This is so-called that even the fountain is in the shape of loving you, right?” Ernest was gazing faintly at Florence, replying to her with an ‘umm’. Florence was just joking, but she didn’t expect that he would admit it so openly. She was a little taken by surprise, looking at him dumbly with a red face. Ernest was solemn as he said, “Florence, I love you. ” Florence was dumbfounded and baffled. She looked at him in a daze, feeling so surprised that she couldn’t believe her ears. Did Ernest just say, ‘I love you?’ He said, ‘I love you!’ These three words that throbbed in her heart made Florence even stop thinking. She just knew that she really loved him so much too. … In Murtha City, Stanford led a group of people into a hair salon in an aggressive manner. Everyone in the hair salon, which had been busy with business, stopped moving and looked at the people who suddenly barged in with surprise. What were they doing, being so mad? At the same time, some women whispered in amazement, “The man in the lead is so handsome. ” The manager was an obese middle-aged man, quickly reacted after being shocked by Stanford and his men. He immediately greeted them with a smile. He said, “Are you guys here to have a hair wash or haircut?” Stanford gazed icily at him. He said in a stern voice, “Where’s Phoebe?” “Huh? Phoebe?” The manager thought for a moment and hastily replied with a smile, “We don’t have anyone called Phoebe here

What nonsense was he asking? If he had found her, would he still come out alone? Stanford didn’t bother with Addison as he took out a photo from his suit bag and walked right up to the manager. He looked at the manager from above and put the photo right in front of his face. He questioned in a cold voice, “Where is she?”On the photo was a screenshot of a surveillance video

. It was a blurry photo, but a woman who looked like Phoebe still could be seen walking out of this hair salon. The manager looked at the photo carefully and immediately shook his head. “Ooooo…”Stanford frowned impatiently and glared icily at Addison. “Why don’t you open his mouth yet?”Addison trembled, feeling aggrieved. It was the young master who let him gag the manager!Stanford’s order changed so fast. How could Addison have time to guess it?Addison felt miserable inside, but he moved quickly and went over to the manager to tear the tape off his mouth. As soon as it was torn off, the manager immediately yelled and cursed, “You guys are breaking and entering, destroying my properties. I want to call the police! I want to call the police!”“Bang!”In response, the manager was given a merciless kick. Stanford looked at the manager very impatiently, waving the photo in front of his eyes, and said icily, “Tell me where she is, or else, die. ”He threatened icily as if he would surely do it. The manager was scared to the point of covering in a cold sweat, realizing that he had met a ruthless man. He didn’t dare to hesitate any longer, and he immediately said, “She’s a lady from our hair salon. She was just entertaining customers back there. ”“I just went in to see for myself. It wasn’t her. ”Stanford looked indifferent, and he already had the intention to strike. The manager was shaking with fear and said in a hurry, “It’s her. It’s really her! Her name is not Phoebe. It’s Lisa. If you don’t trust me, I’ll ask her to come out right away. Lisa, Lisa, come out!”Lisa?Stanford’s eyebrows knitted together. He ordered, “Bring her out. ”“Yes, Young Master. ”The bodyguard answered and walked inside. After a while, he lifted an undressed woman out from inside. The woman was obviously terrified, cowering on the ground, not even daring to lift her head