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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 348: Florence No Longer Belongs to Him

“Alright!” Stanford agreed with alacrity and he heaved a sigh of relief inwardly. Florence finally agreed to go back to Europe with him. The people and things in Europe were new to her so these would help her to divert her attention and get over this painful love relationship as soon as possible. When Florence completely got over it, he would deal with the one who dared to hurt Florence. The grudge between him and Ernest seemingly had been formed. The playground was still crowded with people and was very lively. But, this lively scene seemingly never belonged to Ernest. He stood in a high place and looked down at the entire playground. His eyes, however, were looking at the distant people who were embracing each other. Florence stayed in the man’s arms and she looked extremely attached to him. Ernest’s face looked very bad. He could not even deny that he was jealous, extremely jealous. He was livid. The woman whom he sincerely wished to own was staying in the arms of another man. But, he tasted the bitter powerlessness in his mouth. And even so, he could not do anything more… Florence no longer belonged to him. … In the Hawkins’ Mansion… The old butler hurriedly walked to Georgia’s room with a document file. Georgia was bewildered, “What’s wrong?” Over the years, it was rare to see the old butler looking so nervous and anxious. The old butler handed the document to Georgia. “Ma’am, I’ve finally investigated the identity of the person from the Fraser family after putting in a lot of effort. It’s the young master of the Fraser family, Stanford Fraser!” Georgia’s expression changed and she hurriedly took the document over. Seeing the handsome man’s photo that was taken surreptitiously, her breathing became slightly unsmooth. In City N, even the people of the high-class society also never heard of Stanford’s name. But, the reason that they had never heard of it was just that the level of the high-class society of City N was not eligible enough to have contact with such a person. If it was not because of Ernest’s mother, Georgia would not have had the opportunity to know such a powerful family. The Fraser family was an ancient European aristocrat and they were low-profile and secluded. But, their power was so great that they could make countless people fear. Also, Stanford was the only heir of the Fraser family in this generation. He was an exceptionally talented and ruthless young master. There was very little information about him. However, the matters that were known by people in the world were all sensational events. Besides, the way he handled them also could make people’s hair stand on end. The evaluation about him was like this. Mysterious, elegant but deadly. Once he did something, no matter how strong the person was, the person and the entire family would all disappear from the world

Her current state was unsuitable to have any more interaction with the members of the Hawkins family. When she was trying to find a reason to refuse, Georgia’s voice sounded on the other end of the phone. “Don’t think too much, since you and Ernest are determined to cancel the marriage, Grandma won’t force you guys anymore

. Grandma just has something to tell you face to face, otherwise, Grandma will always feel bad. ”As Georgia had already said to this extent, Florence could no longer refuse. Although the reason why Georgia allowed them to have engagement in the beginning was that she wanted to utilize her background, she was also faking the engagement to deceive Georgia in the beginning. And this old woman indeed had been treating her quite nicely. Although Florence had some resentment in her mind, she still could not blame her. “Okay, Grandma, I’ll come. ”“Tomorrow night, Grandma will be waiting for you at Mofey Hotel. ”After setting the location, Georgia hung up the phone at ease. Then, she took the phone and made another call. While looking at Georgia’s series of actions, the old butler was a little worried. “Ma’am, if you do this, the young master might get angry if he finds out. ”“I can’t care so much anymore. ”Georgia looked determined. This was the only thing she could do. It had to be done. Florence came to Mofey Hotel as promised. This was a five-star luxury hotel. It was not in the downtown area but on the edge of the city. But, even if this kind of hotel was not in the downtown area, the people who came here were rich so it never lacked business. Florence got out of the cab and walked in. With some doubts, she saw that there were no other guests at the entrance or in the hall. Was it because she came at the wrong time? And it was just nice that no guests were here?Florence did not think much about it. She followed the address given by Georgia and went to the private box under the guidance of the waiter. “Miss, please. ”Two waiters smiled and opened the door of the box. Florence walked in. In the luxuriously decorated box, she saw that Georgia was sitting next to a large round dining table. When Georgia saw Florence, she stood up with a smile and walked towards Florence. “Flory, you’re here. ”