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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 321: Florence, Stop Messing Around

Florence answered truthfully, “It was given to me by Collin. ” “Are you talking about that young and miraculous doctor who has performed surgery on Mr. Hawkins?” Florence nodded, which made the doctor even more excited. “He’s really a genius doctor! I can’t believe that he was able to concoct such a medicine. His proficiency has far surpassed the limits of the medical industry, at least in this era. ” Florence was not interested in medical proficiency. She got to the key question, “Doctor, so how is the verdict? Are you able to speed up Ernest’s recovery by applying this type of medicine?” “With this medicine in hand, I don’t think it’s a problem!” The doctor held the bottle of medicine in hand like he was admiring at his idol, “Ms. Fraser, do you even know what kind of medicine is this? This is a very advanced biological technology which allows for super-fast regeneration of the cells. One could get his wound to close up at an astonishing speed, and besides that it doesn’t have any adverse effects. For the invention of such a medicine, the current level of the medical field are only slowly moving towards the goal. Never in their dreams that they would expect Collin to successfully invent it. Collin is really a genius!” While she watched this doctor’s excitement, Florence couldn’t help feeling impressed by Collin. When people referred to a miraculous boy wonder, they were probably referring to someone like him. Florence felt finally at ease as she took in that excited look on this doctor’s face. It probably only need another week for Ernest to gain full recovery. “Then, doctor, I will put this medicine in your care. Please secretly add it to Ernest’s medicine and let him swallow it. ” “Secretly?” The doctor who had recovered from his bedazzlement was able to catch something important in Florence’s words. “Ms. Fraser, what are you intending to say? Could it be that Mr. Hawkins is oblivious to the existence of such a medicine?” If he had known about this medicine, there would be no need for Florence to personally come see the doctor to broach this topic. The doctor finally understood Florence’s unspoken words, albeit some hesitation. He suddenly looked glum and torn, and after some difficulty on his part, he returned the medicine to Florence with determination. “Ms. Fraser, if this is something that doesn’t get permission from Mr. Hawkins himself, we won’t be doing anything with it on our part. We are merely doctors who can’t bear the consequences. ” “I will be the one to do that. ” “But, there are people who specifically watch over what kind of medicine Mr. Hawkins is consuming. Even if I want to secretly add this in, it would come out in the light soon enough. By then, not only Mr. Hawkins are not able to eat this, we will…” The doctor didn’t finish his sentence, but what he was intending to say is obvious enough. Florence was a little shocked by what she had just heard. She didn’t imagine these doctors, who belonged on Ernest’s main team of physicians, have to go through screening and checking too on medicines used. The layers of control and inspection was a little too in-depth. How much did Ernest fear being poisoned by others? The doctor suggested, “Ms. Fraser, this medicine is really the real deal. Why not you try persuading Mr

A vivid curve appeared at the corner of his mouth. Of course, he knew of her intention of wanting to wake up early. He had his own ways of dealing with her anyway

. After she had washed up, the doctor who was standing by at the door had long gotten used to coming in at such a late time. He was ready to prescribe another set of medicine for Ernest, like usual. Ernest looked up at Florence and said like usual, “Go get some breakfast. ” “It’s okay, I have been hungry since waking up, so I have asked Timothy to get it for me. I will just wait here. ” As she explained, Florence settled herself on the sofa nonchalantly. Her gaze was directed at Ernest with a serious glow. Ernest’s eyes darkened slightly, “Don’t look. You will be startled. ” “I don’t think so. During this period of time, I have seen a lot of wounds and injuries on the patients here. I somehow got used to those sight. What’s more, your injury seems to be recovering very fast. It’s not so scary anymore. ”Florence shook her head with a determined attitude. She wasn’t going to budge now. Ernest couldn’t help furrowing his brows. The atmosphere felt a little heavy now. All the doctors and nurses were standing rigidly on their spots, and it seemed that they were controlling their breathing. They were trying to make themselves blend into the surrounding so as to no to stand out. Mr. Hawkins, I hope you don’t explode with anger here. We are going to be the one to bear the brunt of your wrath here. That was what they were probably thinking secretly. After all, no matter how foul in a mood he was, he wouldn’t do anything to Florence anyway. They had long affirmed this fact with their own eyes. Seeing that nobody was moving an inch, Florence gestured hastily, “You guys don’t need to care about me. Just tend to his injury like normal. ”A film of cold sweat had formed on a doctor’s head. They could indeed pay not so much attention to Florence, but it was another story when it came to Ernest. Without his permission, they couldn’t do anything. And with how Ernest was acting, they had a feeling that he wasn’t going to give the orders. Florence felt a little helpless as she quickly stood up and approached the bed. “It seems that these doctor and nurses can’t do a thing. Why not I apply the medicine for you?”Ernest’s brows seemed to jump a little as he said in a hoarse voice, “Florence, don’t mess around. ”