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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 700: Florence Was in a Panic

However, when she was about to quit the window, she unexpectedly saw that Ernest strode forward all of a sudden. He walked elegantly and fast. In an instant, he was walking far ahead of the princess. The distance between them became longer and longer. Half step, one step, two steps. On his cold face, he always remained expressionless. He was so aloof as if he hadn’t seen the princes at all from the very beginning. All, probably, he hadn’t seen anyone at all. He was always so uniquely noble. The prince’s hand that hadn’t reached out yet stiffed in midair. She widened her beautiful big eyes, gaping at the man in front of her. It seemed to be quite difficult for her to accept that the man had ignored and refused her. She wondered if Ernest didn’t see her. The princess’s expression became a bit weird. The proud smile on her face seemed to be stiffed. Florence, however, felt quite delighted while watching. A bright smile appeared on her face. That was her Ernest indeed. Suddenly, she favored his cold and aloof look towards the strangers so much. She was so satisfied with his behaviors. They didn’t spend much time while walking on the carpet. Besides, Ernest wasn’t interested at all. He walked fast as a passerby. Shortly after, his receding figure was completely unseen in the camera. Since Ernest was gone, Florence lost her interest in the broadcast. Then she started to study the cell phone. She made an excuse to get the cell phone from Bonnie, which wasn’t because she just wanted to watch the video about Ernest. The more important was that she wanted to contact Stanford by using this cell phone. After arriving here, Florence found that except for switching her cell phone, the signal of her phone was zero. She couldn’t use it at all. There were no telecommunication services that she was using in this country. Or, probably, the signal was blocked. However, their local cell phones worked. She wondered if she could try it. Florence had a good plan, but when she started to operate the cell phone, she was confused and irritable. The language used on the cell phone wasn’t Chinese or English. It wasn’t like any frequently seen languages that she knew. It looked like English, but it wasn’t pure English. Only a few words looked like English words. Florence pulled her hair while feeling irritated. How could she forget that they had a different language and culture in this country? She wondered what she should do now

The man acted quickly. Reaching his arm, he wrapped around Florence’s waist, pulled her forward, and made her bump into his arms with her face pressing on his chest. Florence’s senses were overwhelmed by the man’s strong chest and aggressive temperament

. Her whole body was tightened. The next second, she pushed him away. She pushed so hard that the man had never expected to be treated in this way. Off-guard, he had to take a few steps back to keep his balance. With a darkened face, he said unhappily, “Woman, how dare you. ” “Are you fucking out of your mind? Can’t you talk properly? Why did you want to freak me out?”Florence was still shocked. She instantly vented her anger. She glared at the man who suddenly appeared around her, feeling so angry and disdained. He scared her and took advantage of her. What an annoying man!The man was choked up by all his unfinished words. He seemed to have never been treated so rudely in all his life. He looked so surprised. Looking at Florence’s delicate face with the bulging cheeks in anger, he found her quite adorable. His eyes lit up, “I’ve never seen a woman like you. ”Florence was speechless. This line sounded quite familiar and weird. Hence, she disliked this man more. Besides, he just slandered her for attaching the state network and called her a hacker. She decided not to talk to such a weird man. Florence pressed her lips and stopped speaking. Holding the cell phone, she stood up, ready to go back. Seeing that Florence was leaving, the man was quite unhappy. He strode over and stood in front of her, stopping her with his tall and strong figure. He said as if he was giving a command, “You are not allowed to leave. ”The man was almost one meter ninety, one head taller than Florence. She was quite petite. His hill-like figure had blocked her way completely. Feeling so irritated, Florence asked, “What do you want?”The man was taken aback. He couldn’t come back to his senses for a moment. What did he want by stopping her?It seemed that he blocked her way by instinct just because of her disobedience. However, he reacted pretty quickly. He answered, “What were you doing on your phone just now? Why did you attach our state network defense? Are you a spy?”Florence’s temples popped. It turned out this man still hadn’t forgotten about it. She wasn’t aware of the laws and regulations in this country. According to his words, she wondered if this country had set up an external signal shielding. In that case, she tried to break through the shielding just now, so was it a real attack?Thinking of that, Florence was in a panic