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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 632 Florence’s Resolution

Darkness was enveloping both Ernest and Florence as if it was going to swallow both of them. The entire hall was plunged into gloom as if it was obscured by thick and black clouds and the storm was brewing. It was depressing and gloomy. All the people from the Turner family looked at Ernest with mixed feelings while sighing in heart. Even Theodore was shocked and looked at Ernest with a pale face. Even though he didn’t like Ernest, but he was his only grandson. Even if he was deprived of the right to be the heir, he could have been alive and lived the rest of his life in peace. Unfortunately…. The scene when he met Jennifer for the last time flashed into Theodore’s mind. At that time, she was at her twenties but she escaped from the Turner family and him. And then, she died of the genetic disease before reaching her thirty. She should have been the best heir of the Turner family. Her son inherited her pure blood and also should be the perfect future patriarch of the Turner family. However, Jennifer escaped and refused to be married to the son of the Fraser family while Ernest fell in love with Florence by colossal accident. It should have been a happy ending, but Ernest turned out to be infertile because of Benjamin. He couldn’t have children so he was useless. In Theodore’s all life, he had never imagined that his daughter and grandson, the two closest family members to him, would be dead before himself. And that who should be the heir of the Turner family became a difficult problem. Theodore looked weak and weary as if he got ten years older in a moment. Stanford’s eyes grew dark and grave. He stood up, tall and strong, and came to Florence. He reached out his hand and patted on Florence’s shoulder gently. “Flory, you shouldn’t have been with him. It doesn’t work out between you two. Let it go and let me take you home. ” Florence got stiffened all of a sudden and stopped crying, leaving the tears on her cheeks. Let it go? She looked toward Ernest’s hands on his lap. He had held her with his hands. But now …. Florence reached out her hand suddenly and grabbed Ernest’s hand tightly

Ernest looked at Florence with mixed feeling. His heart was heavy but he couldn’t tell his feelings. Should he stay with her for three years, doing all the happy things, and then leave her alone in the world, letting her spend the rest of her life with memories? It would be cruel

. But after witnessing what Florence had done for him, it was impossible for him to let her go. He only got three years to be with her. How could he refuse to spend the last three years with her? If she couldn’t forget him and start a new relationship after he died, she couldn’t even get those happy memories. Ernest had never expected that one day he would eager to be alive desperately but couldn’t make it. He held her hand tightly and pressed his thin lips but he didn’t speak, remaining silent. He couldn’t refuse her but he didn’t know how to reply. Florence stared at him determinedly. She was shocked and drown in sorrow at the beginning, and was still trying to calm herself down, but she was sure that she must be with Ernest whatever happened. No matter it would be three year, three months or three days. As for the future …. Florence felt a sharp pain in his heart simply by imaging the future without Ernest. Stanford looked at both of them gravely. Under such circumstances, Florence still had no intention to give up on Ernest. There was no future if you only got three years to live!Stanford scolded Florence coldly, “Flory, don’t be nonsense! Have you considered what you should do when he dies in three years?”Live the rest of your life with memories?A flicker of emotion showed in Florence’s eyes. She didn’t think of it. She didn’t dare to imagine it. But at the moment, an idea flashed in her mind – Die together with Ernest. She would go to the next world with Ernest and be reunited with him there. But she wouldn’t tell anyone else about her idea. She gritted her teeth and said in a soft voice, “No matter it is now or three years later, my life would be hell without Ernest. ”Her eyes were lit up with resolution. Stanford was panic looking at her eyes. He unconsciously clenched his fist tightly, feeling hopeless. He had hoped that Florence would take her relationship with Ernest easy in front of death. As long as she showed any hesitation, he would take her away from Ernest by force. But she didn’t hesitate at all.