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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 255: Flustered

Florence felt a bit migraine. In fact, she just answered it casually, but she had never expected that serious consequence. At this moment, she couldn’t get even with Ernest about that kiss just now. Pressing her lips, she explained, “I didn’t mean that. ” Ernest curled up his lips and said, “I know. You didn’t mean it. Pay more attention in the future. ” His voice was pleasant to hear. They were just simple words, but full of his warm concerns. Florence couldn’t retort anything else, only nodding. Right then, the fashion show ended. She stood up. “I’m going to use the bathroom. ” After finishing her words, she trotted away immediately. In the restroom, Florence stood in front of the mirror. As soon as she thought that she was kissed by Ernest in public just now, her heart hammered. She quickly turned the tap and washed her hands, calming herself down a little bit. She kept telling herself that Ernest was helping her when kissing her, and his kiss had no other meaning at all. The relationship between her and him should be a distant one under their mutual tactic understandings. After reminding herself and calming down, Florence finally walked out of the restroom. When she was approaching him, from several meters away, she saw Ernest surrounded by three or four young and pretty women. Those women all had charisma and a beautiful appearance. They should be from famous families of the upper-class. All are quite attractive. Their gazes all fell on Ernest obsessively, and their fascination with him couldn’t be hidden. They were all longing for getting closer to him. One of the women held a glass of wine, leaning forward to expose her deep curve on her bosom to Ernest. With an enchanting smile, she held the glass of wine with her fair fingers, reaching to Ernest as if she was boneless. “Mr. Hawkins, I know you like red wine. This is your favorite LL. Please have a try. ” As she spoke, she acted as if the wine was about to pour on Ernest’s body. She also kept leaning forward as if she was about to cling to him. It was obvious that she was throwing herself into his arms. This woman looked extremely pretty. Even her bones were so enchanting that nobody could resist her. Even from afar, Florence wanted to reach out and help her up while wrapping her soft waist. Florence also paused her pace forward

“Yes. They are warm now. ” Florence wanted to pull back her hands in embarrassment

. However, Ernest pressed his lips into a smile and pulled her hands into the pocket of his suit jacket. His big hand gripped her hands tightly, consistently warming them up and making her heart hammer. Florence gaped at him. In an instant, her heart almost jumped out from her chest. On the other side, the group of women watched what Ernest did to Florence. They couldn’t express how envious, jealous, and hateful they were now. They just wished that they could reborn and become Florence. The man, whom they couldn’t seduce successfully with all their skills, warmed up Florence’s hands so gently. “Ah! Why was I not her?” a woman couldn’t stand the scene and howled, feeling heartbroken. Florence’s face turned so red as if it would bleed. She felt more uneasy now. Ernest pulled her hands and kept them in the pocket of his jacket. With a smile on his face, he looked at her affectionately and tenderly. His deep voice was so charming as the cello sound. “Let’s go to the lounge. ”Ernest took her hands and lead her to the lounge. From the very beginning to the end, his gaze was glued on Florence. He didn’t spare any glance at other women. The group of women stood motionlessly, feeling so disappointed. At the same they, they indeed envied Florence. Florence followed Ernest awkwardly, feeling those envious, jealous, ad hateful gazes on her became farther and farther away. She understood that Ernest was quite annoyed when being pestering by those women, so he behaved so to make her as an excuse to refuse them. However, the way he acted was too sincere. Florence could feel that his palm was so hot that even the skin of her hands was scalded. Her mind was in a mess. After the fashion show, it was time for them to have a break and socialize. The sponsor also provided an individual lounge for each guest. After leaving the hall, Florence immediately wanted to shake off Ernest’s hand while walking in the corridor. However, as soon as she struggled, Ernest’s hand that was gripping her immediately loosened. He acted so decisively without any hesitation. Seemingly that he was just acting in a show, he also didn’t want to grip her longer. Florence pulled back her hands, stiffing slightly. An indescribable feeling surged in her heart, making her panic.