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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 712: Fortunately, it was Quick!

As soon as Florence got changed quickly, the door was dragged open from outside. She was frightened, with her hearting pounding now and then. Fortunately, she got changed swiftly. Here was filled with dangers so that caution was required all the time. She tightened the collar, speaking to those who broke in abruptly. "Bonnie, what happened?" Bonnie went straight here, holding her hands and dragging her outside. While striding, she said, "You should go out quickly to explain to my mother. Or she insisted to push these guards away. " Puzzled, Florence asked, "What should I explain?" She was also curious why there were unfamiliar guards in front of the door in the morning. Bonnie suddenly stopped walking, looking at her in amazement. "How come you know nothing about it?" What should she know? Florence still felt bewildered. While her eyeballs turning around, something seemed to have Bonnie. She suddenly realized and said, "Mr. Hawkins took care of you so much. Perhaps for fear of disturbing your sound sleep, he demanded some guard on purpose to protect you here, without informing you in time. " Sending guards to protect her at home? Surprised, she felt reasonable. Since she was alone at home, she was beaten firstly by the woman, then was unfortunately involved in love affairs with Hector. It could be said that she was trapped into lots of troubles. Therefore, it seemed secure for her to be protected by several guards from Ernest. Thinking upon that, Florence had already arrived at the entrance. Seen out of the hall, four tall men dressed in black suits stood straight in the yard. They appeared serious. If they didn't blink, they would be regarded as sculptures. Florence was also confused. How could Ernest found these four updated guards since he just arrived here a few days ago. It was acknowledged that women ranked relatively low in this country. It could be seen as a crime for men to treat women kindly

She rushed to ask for forgiveness, "I just meant to teach her a lesson. "It was so common in the daily life. But why life should be sacrificed when it came to Florence?Withstanding the pain, the woman felt completely astray in front of the frightening guard

. Bonnie followed Florence out and saw the situation out of control. Feeling distressed, she suddenly held Florence by her hand, pleading for her mother. "Florence, my mother didn't want to hurt you on purpose. Please forgive her for the sake of my father. "Hearing upon her words, the woman felt so mad and meant to insult them. How come her death was decided by a maid. Nevertheless, without letting out her words, she felt an acute pain from her wrist, as if it were snatched broken by the guard. She was too painful to say ill of them. Seeing the woman about to cry, Florence felt it content and funny. The woman was always arrogant, but she happened to come across such a trouble. How could she felt in her mind?Just as the weather was so nice, Florence also felt so good. Smiling on her face, Florence spoke slowly,"Since Bonnie plead for her, let her go only for THIS TIME. "She stressed "this time" on purpose, but she seemed to make a compromise. It was always a way to warn the woman that she would not be easily forgiven next time. Even the woman was so anguished at the moment, she felt too painful on her hand to lose temper. How could she manage to fight against four men?Hearing upon Florence's permission, he let go of his hands, throwing the woman away. The woman covered the painful wrist, quickening her steps backward and glaring at Florence. What a little bitch!Bonnie knew her mother well. For fear of her mother rushing to Florence again, she hastened to hold her arms, whispering,"Mom, Florence is different now. She would marry to the Duke and become her wife. The Duke offered her an equal identity and even handed her the oracle of Duke. She has already become a totally different woman from us. "That is to say, her status equaled to men.