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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 650: Found

Everyone looked over at Clarence’s arms reflexively. A touch of blood slowly appeared on Clarence’s loose pajamas, enlarging gradually. Obviously, through the bumps just now, his wounds cracked. The bodyguards’ expressions changed dramatically. Immediately, they took a few steps back. “Mr. Jenkins, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it,” one of them said apologetically. After all, Clarence was the Fraser family’s guest. They couldn’t afford to offend him. With a pale face, Clarence took a step forward in anger. He asked fiercely, “Think your apology would work? My wounds had just scarred, now they cracked again. It hurt a lot. How can you compensate me?” Clarence pointed at his shoulder, unwilling to let him go. He approached the bodyguard step by step. Almost reflexively, the bodyguards took steps back, afraid to touch Clarence again. He had wounds all over his body. His wounds would be cracked with a single slight touch. “Mr. Jenkins, I’m terribly sorry. May I take you to find Mr. Campbell right now?” The bodyguard looked so pale as if he would burst into tears the next second. “How can you take me there? It hurt so much that I can’t walk at all,” said Clarence irritably. His tall and strong body started shaking, leaning over onto the bodyguards. The bodyguard took a few steps back in fear again. His forehead was covered by cold sweat. The bodyguard wondered why Mr. Jenkins seemed to be provoking him deliberately. “Mr. Jenkins, we’ll prepare a stretcher for you right now. We can carry you there. ” The other bodyguard seemed to be their leader. He came to his senses. Immediately, he walked up to Clarence, helping him up carefully. Another two bodyguards rushed to get the stretcher immediately. As they moved and left, there was a space at the door. Clarence tilted his head and winked at Florence. Then he took the chance and leaned against a bodyguard. He cried out, “Hurry up! Ouch! It hurts so much. ” Seeing that Clarence was winking at her while crying out in pain, Florence knew that he was making a chance for her to sneak in. He’d rather hurt himself. Realizing that, Florence felt soreness in her nose. However, she knew that it wasn’t time for her to feel touched. If the chance was missed, it would be quite difficult for her to enter her parents’ courtyard tonight. Probably something fatal was happening in there. Florence cast Clarence a grateful glance

” They were sure that Mrs. Fraser would be able to stop Florence. Florence looked at the bodyguards in confusion

. They seemed to urge her to leave. It seemed that they were unwilling to let her see who was inside. The more they wanted to send her away, the more she wanted to stay. Florence said, “Open the door. Let me take a look. ”Upon hearing it, both bodyguards almost couldn’t remain calm. In dilemma, they answered, “Miss Fraser, Mrs. Fraser has told us not to let anyone disturb the distinguished guest inside. If you want to meet the guest, you need to ask Mrs. Fraser for permission. Then we can let you in. ”Victoria’s room was in the other direction, which was not far from here. Anyway, Florence had arrived here. She didn’t think it would waste any time if she asked her mother for permission first. Hence, after a hesitation, Florence turned around and was about to find her mother. “Don’t try to hang on! If it goes on like this, your health will be damaged. I know you love Florence so much. How would you have the heart to leave her alone in this world? Fore Florence, you can’t die!”Suddenly, a woman’s sad cry was heard from the room. Her voice was hoarse as if her throat was injured. It was an unknown voice. However, the woman's words made Florence freeze her paces. She wondered who was in there. “Please accept me, OK? I can help you. For Florence, you can’t die, Ernest!”It was Ernest!Florence felt as if a bomb was dropped in her mind. It exploded. Ernest was in there. He was with a woman who was begging him. She wondered what on earth was going on there. Florence’s brain buzzed. She slightly trembled. Without any hesitation, she pounced at the door. Cold sweat dripped from the bodyguards’ heads. They immediately stopped Florence. “Miss Fraser, you can’t go in. ”“Get out of my way!”Florence suddenly pushed the bodyguards away. In a hurry, she tried to open the door with her trembling hands. “Click. Click. ” She failed to open the door. The door was locked. Inside the study, Dolores heard the sound of the lock. She asked in a hoarse tone, “What’s wrong? Who’s there?”