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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 252: Framed

Florence looked at his handsome face. Seeing that he was closing his eyes, she secretly relaxed a bit. When Ernest was with her before, he always wanted to approach her for unknown reasons and did something to her, which was an ambiguous and stimulating way, making her flustered and panicked. However, in the recent few days, Ernest had changed a lot. He always kept a proper distance from her. But he didn’t ignore her either. Such a distance made Florence relaxed a lot. At least, she wouldn’t be too nervous. Her reason reminded her that this was supposed to be the best distance and the most suitable relationship between them both. However, at the bottom of her heart, she felt disappointed faintly, quite depressing. She wondered what on earth she wanted to do. Feeling quite relaxed, Florence, however, felt a bit annoyed. Upon realizing her mood, she felt quite irritated, wondering what was wrong with her. She didn’t look at Ernest anymore. Turning around and looking out of the window, she tried to sober up herself while feeling the oncoming cold wind. At the same time, she also sent Reynold a text message. She told him that she had to leave because she couldn’t be in touch with him. She also asked him not to pick her up from the hotel but go to the fashion show directly. Meanwhile, Reynold was so helpless that he wanted to kill himself. He had never expected that on the street that was a few blocks away from his villa, on which there was no traffic at all, would have such terrible traffic today. Those vehicles from nowhere completely blocked the whole street as well as other few streets nearby. Wondering how long the traffic would last, Reynold almost wanted to dump his car and run to the hotel. However, as soon as he opened the door, the cars in front suddenly moved forward. Behind his car, the noisy honks were suddenly heard. What a coincidence! Reynold couldn’t help but curse. He could only get back in his car, started the engine, and drove. However, after driving forward for less than twenty meters, he had to stop the car again. There was another jam in front that nothing could move. Reynold was so angry that he almost vomited blood. Whenever he decided to dump his car and walk, the traffic in front of him would get better. The jammed cars on the street had to move forward together. He could only follow the group. It turned out that he couldn’t dump the car or drive forward. In that case, he had wasted a lot of time. Florence was still waiting for him! Reynold was so depressed. If it went on like this, he couldn’t attend the fashion show on time at all. He had to give Florence a call. What made the situation worse was that his phone didn’t have a signal. “Shit!” Reynold hit the steering wheel, so furious. He wondered what on earth was going on today The Lamborghini pulled over at the entrance of the fashion show. As soon as she got off, Florence saw several ushers were standing at the gate. They were not the hotel staff. Instead, they dressed up in fashionable dresses and looked quite pretty. All the guests greeted by them were also dressed up delicately

Myron. The entry time has passed already. I’m afraid you can’t enter

. ” The security guard’s tone was polite but quite firm. Reynold frowned. He used to attend this fashion show in the previous years. How could the entry time this year was so strict?“What do you mean?” he asked. The security guard put on an official smile and explained, “It was an order from the senior management. We’re not sure about the exact reason. It seems that the schedule of this year has changed and the punctuality requirement turns to be extremely strict. Mr. Myron, please be understanding. Thank you for your cooperation. ”After finishing his words, he saw other guests coming over. The security guard turned around and received them politely. Soon, Reynold heard the same words. “I’m sorry, Sir. You are late. You can’t enter the hall. ”Reynold realized that this requirement wasn’t for him only. Hence, without overthinking, he turned around and left. In the hall…As soon as Florence entered, she separated with Ernest. In recent days, he was quite gentlemanly and didn’t force her to do anything, which made her relaxed and delighted. There was still some time before the fashion show started officially. With her cell phone in her hands, Florence took the photos of the small details that attracted her. If she was inspired by any of them, she would also tab on her notebook and recorded her thoughts down. While Florence was typing on her phone with full attention, she heard a bang next to her. Subconsciously, she looked around and saw a woman in a gold dress passing a design work. The long hemline of her dress hooked on the design work and made it fall. When the woman noticed it, she walked over in a hurry and untied her hemline anxiously. She mumbled, “So terrible! It would be such a pity if my dress was broken. What’s the fucking thing placed here in my way?”After curing, she left immediately and walked to another side to stride a post for a photo. Florence felt so upset -- all the details in the hall represented the designers’ talents and hard-work. However, that woman didn’t treasure it. However, Florence didn’t dare to say anything, and nor would she want to get into trouble. She stood there for a while and decided that she would hold the work up if no staff would. Of course, it must be in the case that no staff would hold it up. After all, she knew that nothing could be touched although it was an accident. Fortunately, in five minutes, one employee of the show walked over, carefully lifted the artwork, and put it back to where it used to be. Seeing that everything was fine, Florence turned around and was about to leave. Suddenly, she heard a voice. “Excuse me, Miss. Do you know who has knocked off this flower rack?” the employee of the show asked.