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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 82: Georgia’s Plan

Ernest was sitting behind the desk in the large office and was flipping over a document with his fair and slender finger with a serious and dedicated look. Florence walked to him lightly, “Mr. Hawkins. ” “Yes. ” Ernest replied casually without even looking up from the documents. Florence hesitated for a while. Thinking that this matter could not be delayed any longer, she braced herself and said, “Mr. Hawkins, the one-month deadline had arrived. Shall we cancel our engagement?” “Didn’t you say that you want me to have a look at your design plan?” Ernest suddenly raised his head and interrupted Florence in a business tone. Florence was a bit stunned as it was just a random excuse. She didn’t give up and continued, “Actually, I come to you for our engagement. ” “Let’s talk about the private affairs later. ” Ernest said in dead earnest and lowered his head to glance through the documents again. He seemed like to be very busy. Florence instantly felt a bit awkward as she felt as if her visit had bothered Ernest and it was indeed not that good. So they’d better talk about the matter after getting off work? She pondered for a while and said in a low voice, “Then Mr. Hawkins, please attend to your business first. ” She walked out of the office after finishing the words. After Florence’s departure, Ernest immediately put down the document and gazed at the direction of the door thoughtfully with a touch of remorse between his brows. He deliberately went for a business trip for several days with the purpose to let her forget about the matters related to the cancellation of the engagement. But this woman brought up the cancellation when she met him again. With a gloomy face, he dialed Harold, “Your method doesn’t work. ” Harold, who was at the other end of the line, immediately had a look of admiration. Florence was really extraordinary – other women were so eager to marry Ernest, but Florence insisted on cancelling their engagement under such circumstances. Harold said, “They just delay it as longer as possible. Tell her that you’ll arrange it and act normally. Then the time for the cancellation of your engagement is up to you. ” Ernest knitted his brows, thinking that this method is so awful. When it was time to get off work, Ernest sent Florence a message, asking her to go to the underground parking lot. As Ernest had been picking her up from work for several days before his business trip, Florence was quite accustomed to it. As for now, she could take this opportunity to have a private talk with Ernest regarding the cancellation of their engagement. Florence quickly put her things into her handbag and went to the underground parking lot. She was much eager than she used to be this time. Earnest, who was sitting in the car, darkened his handsome face when he thought Florence striding over through the car window. This woman… He shifted away his gaze and intended to ignore her

But what she didn’t know was that Ernest didn’t intend to cancel their engagement and was thinking about how to maintain their relationship. Nevertheless, an old butler of the Hawkins family, was now standing at the door with a serious look at the door now as he had heard their conversation clearly caused the door was not closed. He wrinkled his brows, turned around and then left in a hurry without even giving the things he brought to Ernest

. In the Hawkins' Mansion…Georgia glanced at the old butler in disbelief, “Is that true?”“I heard it clearly. They are planning to cancel the engagement recently. ” The old butler paused and then added with a serious look, “Maybe the anonymous report we received before was not fake. ”Ernest and Florence had a fake engagement. Georgia furrowed her brows, a touch of sagaciousness glittering in her eyes. She had doubted about their relationship back then, but…“We must not let them cancel the engagement. ” Georgia said in a resolute tone. The old butler replied with depression, “But it is what the young master wants to do. Once he takes action, we’ll have no means stop him. ”Ernest would not take action easily, but once he took action, he would definitely get the wanted result. “So we should take measures in advance. ” Georgia then waved her hand at the old butler and then whispered out her plan in his ear. The old butler became more and more terrified when hearing her words that even the wrinkles on his face were shivering. Struggling, he said in a hesitant tone, “Ma’am, isn’t it bad to do so?”“If they have sex and have a child, Ernest will not be able to refuse the marriage. ” Georgia smiled with a look of holding all the trump cards. She would not intervene in Ernest’s other affairs and let him do at will. But he must marry Florence. Another three days had passed…Florence was convinced that Ernest would arrange the matter. But Ernest didn’t take any action; instead, he still asked her to try the dishes and feed the kitten and drove her to work and picked her up from work every day as he did in the past. He still treated her as if she was still his fiancée. Florence was a bit worried. Would this be good?“Florence, what are you thinking?” In the tea room, a colleague walked over Florence and asked with concern. Florence shook her head, “Nothing. ”The colleague looked at her and smiled meaningful, and then said mysteriously, “We’re all women. I understand it. Usually man is the reason why a woman is lost in her own thoughts. ”Florence was stunned for a while and then blushed slightly. She was actually thinking of matters related to Ernest. Her colleague continued, “It is because of Mr. Hawkins right? In fact, we all know that you and Mr. Hawkins…”