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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 485: Getting Lost

Date? Stanford was stunned. After half a second, he came back to his senses, Florence and Clarence was a flirty little couple, they couldn’t wait to have some time to themselves, they needed their own space. Hence Florence saying she wanted to go to the forest for a stroll is false, the real reason was that she wanted to spend some personal time with Clarence. If he went, he would become the largest third wheel. Stanford was speechless, it was lucky he didn’t go, he almost became the annoying third wheel in his sister’s eyes again. But two single people out in the wilderness, they shouldn’t be spending too much time alone. Stanford looked at his watch silently, planning to go look for Florence after half an hour. Florence had wanted to go on her own, but Stanford was worried and hence she had to let Clarence tag along. It was good that Clarence knew what was happening, if she was going to look for Ernest, Clarence wouldn’t be a hindrance. Entering the woods, without delay Florence hurriedly walked towards the place where she had seen just now on the boat. There was some distance between that place and where they had laid their mat. Clarence looked in the direction Florence was walking towards, gave a cheeky laugh, but didn’t say anything, and followed along slowly. Regarding what Stanford had said about not wandering too far and staying close by, they didn’t put it to heart. Florence was super anxious to meet Ernest, she was walking very fast, but this natural forest had not been developed before, hence there was no fixed pathway. After walking for a bit, she had lost her sense of direction. Surrounding them were lush greenery, she didn’t know where she was. “Clarence, do you know where we are?” Florence turned around to ask Clarence, but she was stunned to discover that the man that had been following behind her closely, was nowhere to be found. In the vast forest, surrounding her was no one in sight, there was only her. “Clarence? Where are you?” Florence quickly increased her volume to shout for him. But after a few calls, there was still no reaction. She couldn’t help but feel a little anxious, perhaps Clarence had already lost her a while ago, and she had only realized it now. Now she didn’t even know where she was, how would she find that place? How did she go back? This forest was big and deep, if she wasn’t careful she would take the wrong route and move even further. Florence was feeling a little restless, she quickly took out her phone, wanting to call someone for help, but when she saw her phone she was even more speechless. There was no signal. Florence was extremely dejected, this time around, no one would be able to save her, to walk out from this place or to find someone would all depend on herself – searching blindly

She was dead meat. She was very afraid, without thinking she raised the bottle in her hands and sprayed it aggressively in front of her. The leopard didn’t expect it and was sprayed head-on, it suddenly wailed in pain

. It crouched on the ground, using its claws to claw at its eyes. As if in great pain. Florence couldn’t care more about it, using this opportunity, she ran in the opposite direction. The leopard’s eyes started bleeding, it couldn’t see clearly, and the pain made it difficult for it to stand. But hearing the sound of Florence running away, it was so angry that it wanted to rip her apart. It roared angrily, its four limbs trembling slightly, and chased towards Florence. Florence was so frightened that she wanted to die, her brain was totally empty. She had only one thought in mind, that is to run!The further she ran the better. But the more anxious she was, the easier it was for her to make mistakes. “Ah ----”With a terrible scream, Florence tripped and fell to the ground. The ground was filled with dried twigs, immediately scratching her body. Florence had no time to think about her pain, she turned around, the seemingly crazy leopard was almost in front of her. Almost dying from her fright, she braced her body, got up and continued running. But just when she stood up, she didn’t know what she had stepped on and surrounding her, a sudden sound of air being sliced passed through. “Swoosh –"She saw one, two, three arrows shoot out, coming towards her direction. She was in shock, in her heart was a million alpacas running around crazily, why were there arrows here?This was killing her!Florence’s scalp was numb, she was so scared that her legs were jelly, and she fell to the ground next to her. The arrow brushed past the side of her head. At the same time, a piercing wail rang in the air. Florence looked over in shock, she saw the blind leopard pounce and was hit straight on by the arrow, it was shot right through, and it fell to the ground whining, dying on the spot.