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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 450: Give up the Country for the Sake of a Beauty

In Anlero Holiday Manor… After arriving at the manor, they booked the whole manor and asked those irrelevant customers to leave. It was the first time for the waiters and waitresses in this manor to serve such distinguished guests, and they were all prudent and carefully. As Benjamin had required before, the first set of their competition was Blind Hookey. But Benjamin said, “It’s boring to play normal Blind Hookey, we should play something funny. ” Florence secretly knitted her brows. It was simply a card game, what tricks were Benjamin scheming again? “Flory likes to play ‘Fight the Landlord’. How’s it? Let’s play this game. The judge will join us. Best-of-three-set. ” Benjamin looked towards Florence gently and affectionately. It seemed like he was suggesting playing ‘Fight the Landlord’, but in fact he was expressing his affection to Florence. He wanted to play the game that she liked and even though he didn’t know how to play this game, he was willing to learn it for the sake of Florence. Generally speaking, Florence was supposed to be moved by his sincerity. But indeed, she furrowed her brows and felt that Benjamin was really boring. Didn’t he realize that no matter what he did for her and no matter how he did them, she would not have any feelings for him? The thing happened last night also damaged Stanford’s expression of Benjamin. Stanford said, “Let’s get started. ” The judge was good at every item and of course he would not have any objection to serve them. When the judge intended to sit down and join the game, Ernest spoke slowly, “Wait a minute. ” He strode to Florence and slightly lowered his head to look at Florence affectionately. He curled his lips into a pampering smile, “Now that you like to play this game, I would just regard it a pastime and accompany you to play it. Can you join us?” Florence was stunned. It was a competition between Ernest and Benjamin, yet he asked her to join this? Although the game ‘Fight the Landlord’ shall be played by at least three players, if she joined them, she would definitely helped Ernest secretly. Could it be that Ernest wanted her to help him? Florence’s eyes lit up when thinking of this. She said smilingly, “All right. I will join you. ” Benjamin’s expression turned gloomy. Of course he knew what Florence was thinking. If she joined them, she would definitely helped Ernest secretly. In this case, he would have to fight against two persons at the same time and it would be difficult for him to win the game. Damn it! Benjamin secretly twisted his fingers. He pressed his thin lips together, yet couldn’t utter any word to refuse this. At the beginning, he suggested to play ‘Fight the Landlord’ for the sake of Florence, but now Clarence said that it was a pastime activity and invited Florence to join them. Wouldn’t it be a slap on his own face if he refused this? But Benjamin had no other choice

The cards in your hand are less powerful than mine. ” Florence furrowed her brows. It seemed like that Benjamin had calculated the cards and deduced what cards she left

. Damn it, playing card game with him was like playing transparent cards. Florence felt upset and took a glance at the cards on the table again. She calculated that if all the higher cards were in Benjamin’s hand, he could probably not be able to play cards after her solo chain. Therefore, Florence played a solo chain (3-4-5-6-7). “I win. ”Benjamin curled his lips into a triumphant smile and threw all the cars in his hand onto the table. It was a combination of 6-7-8-9-10. Florence widened her eyes in astonishment, “Benjamin, you lied to me?”If he didn’t say those words just now, Florence would not decide to play the chain and would definitely play them in the end. Benjamin replied with a smile, “Nothing is too deceitful in competition. ”Techniques are important in card games and it was reasonable for him to adopt this trick. Florence could only blame herself for being fooled. She felt sulky and uncomfortable. Right at this moment, Phoebe said with shock, “Look at Clarence’s cards. His cards are all powerful and he even has two Jokers. He could undoubtedly win the game. ”After finishing the words, she looked towards Clarence and asked, “Clarence, your cards are so powerful, but you didn’t suppress the ‘landlord’ just now. Are you trying to lose the game on purpose?”Benjamin said with dissatisfaction, “Clarence, we’re teammates. But you deliberately tried to lose the game to Florence, can you please show some respects to the rules?”Florence also looked towards Ernest in shock and found that Ernest’s cards were actually powerful. And they were in wonderful combination. If he played his cards to suppress Florence before, he would have won the game earlier. Ernest still remained clam under their curious and scrutinizing gazes. With a smile on his face, he looked at Florence lovingly, “It’s not important whether I can win the game or not. I just hope that you can be happy. ” Florence’s heart skipped one beat and her face flushed. Phoebe exclaimed jealously, “Wow, Clarence, you’re so romantic. You’re like the emperor who gives up the country for the sake of a beauty. ”Benjamin’s behavior formed a striking contrast. He even cheated Florence to win the game. Such a striking contrast made Benjamin’s expression turn extremely hideous.