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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 614: Given up

However, if Phoebe had already become a nun, Florence had goosebumps all over her body as soon as she imagined how Phoebe looked when reciting Amitabha bareheaded. That wouldn’t be the things supposed to be. In a hurry, she reached out to grab Phoebe’s shoulders. She said anxiously, “Phoebe, what’s been bothering you? Please tell me. You must let go of yourself!” Phoebe smiled. “No worries, Flory. Didn’t I pull back by you? It’s too late for me to become a nun. ” During the few weeks when she stayed in the temple, her heart became heavier and more lonely. In fact, she had decided to wait - wait until Stanford had given up searching on the sea and Florence was confirmed to be dead, and then she would become a nun. From then on, she would kneel in front of the Buddha, atoning for her sins. Seeing that Phoebe had given up on becoming a nun, Florence felt relieved. However, looking at her, Florence still felt a sharp pang in her heart, quite stressful. She held Phoebe’s hand tightly. Then she said, “Phoebe, the incident that happened to me had nothing to do with you at all. Don’t blame yourself for it. You should know - even without your help, Ernest would manage to come to the Fraser family’s house through other ways. It’s just that he would use different means. “Benjamin Turner would still be pushed to the dead end and kidnap me as his final struggle. Everything that happened later than that including the wedding and jumping into the ocean wouldn’t be avoided at all. “That is an incident that Ernest and I must encounter. It’s not your fault and it has nothing to do with you at all. Please stop blaming yourself. ” Florence what had been bothering Phoebe. That kind of thought would be way too heavy, which could easily collapse a person. However, Phoebe was indeed innocent. She didn’t do anything wrong, She just tried to offer help to her bestie. If the things happened in the past came up again, Phoebe wouldn’t reject Ernest’s suggestion either. That was what the besties for. They had a deep friendship. Florence gripped her hand tightly. She added, “As what my brother said to you on the cliff that day, please don’t take them to heart. He was quite heartbroken that day, so his mood became extremely bad. He lost control and blamed you for everything. “He spoke those words in anger. I’m sure he must be quite regretful now. ” “Regretful?” Phoebe muttered, but she didn’t sound that she would buy it

In the future, please don’t worry about the things between us. ” She couldn’t obtain his heart, and he disgusted her. The best result was to give up decisively

. In that case, she wouldn’t be hurt and annoy him. Florence looked at Phoebe in a daze. She couldn’t return to her senses after a long while. She had never expected that Phoebe, who always had a fighting spirit and wouldn’t give up before achieving her goals, would give up on Stanford. Moreover, her decision was so affirmative. It seemed that she had already made up her mind completely and accepted the fact. She was suffering from the sadness so calmly. Florence felt depressed. She didn’t expect that things would have gone like this. However, she parted her lips, failing to utter any word. Phoebe held Florence’s hand, and her voice was calm. She said with a smile to comfort Florence, “Flory, please don’t worry about me. After experiencing this matter, I’ve grown up. In the past, I was way too willful and self-centered. I should become mature. ”However, the price she had paid for becoming mature was tragic and painful. Although Phoebe’s tone was calm as if she was talking about the weather, Florence sensed sorrow and depression from her words. She wondered how helpless and how painful Phoebe was so that she had made such a decision. It made a person who wouldn’t give up until achieved her goals decide to give up eventually. With a deep frown, Florence felt quite depressed and found it so hard to breathe. She always thought that Phoebe and Stanford shouldn’t have ended up in this way, which was so sad and unacceptable to her. However, the love only mattered between them two. As an onlooker, Florence couldn’t do anything. She couldn’t help but think about Ernest. In the beginning, he used the love between Phoebe and Stanford so to make Stanford forgive him and agree him to marry Florence. Florence wondered if Ernest had also predicted the current status between Stanford and Phoebe. Had he also predicted that Phoebe would give up?Florence was in a daze. If Stanford and Phoebe wouldn’t be together and end up badly, the way for her to be with Ernest seemed to vanish as well. In that case, what should Ernest and she do?Outside the window, a huge dark cloud floated, hiding the moon. It became quite dark instantly. Florence only saw nothing except black, which made her feel suffocated. It seemed that the air was fulfilled with the sadness that lovers couldn’t be together.