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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 223: Going to Buy the Sanitary Pads

“Although you are couple-to-be, you haven’t married yet. Since you are staying together, I don’t think it’s that convenient,” Reynold said with a smile as if he was giving a sincere suggestion like a friend. “The hotel staff said that a guest would check out today, and there would be a vacant room. Perhaps you can check in,” Reynold didn’t say it quite obviously, but his meaning was quite obvious. In that case, Florence would stay in a different room than Ernest. Florence felt delighted. Subconsciously, she asked, “Really?” Seeing Florence’s reaction, Reynold could tell that she wanted to stay in a separate room from Ernest indeed. The guess in his mind was finally confirmed. He curled up his lips into a smile happily and nodded, “Yes. ” Florence, however, didn’t notice Reynold’s reaction, and nor did she know what he was thinking. To her, it was super good news. She was on a business trip, and so many coworkers were with her, but she was still sharing the same suit with Ernest. Although others didn’t have the guts to gossip about her, their ambiguous gazes always bothered her, and she felt quite embarrassed. If they could stay in different rooms, Florence believed that would be much better. With the thought, Florence didn’t have much appetite to eat at all. Hurriedly she finished eating, and then she proposed to go back to the hotel. Certainly, Ernest was quite happy to accept it. Without any hesitation, he drove Florence back. When they arrived at the hotel, Florence made an excuse. “Mr. Hawkins, I just recalled that I want to buy something from the supermarket. You can go back to the room first. ” “I’ll go with you. ” Without any hesitation, Ernest turned around and walked out. Florence wanted to send him away, so she was unwilling to let him go with her, waving her hand immediately to refuse. “No, thanks. I can go there myself. Please go upstairs first. ” Ernest stood motionlessly, gazing at Florence. Obviously, he didn’t agree. Florence felt a little migraine. If Ernest wanted to go with her, she couldn’t stop him at all. Feeling annoyed, she rolled her eyes cunningly and thought for a moment. Then she stood in front of him and looked at him in embarrassment. She said in an extremely low voice, “Well, I don’t think it’s a good idea for you to go with me to buy the things I need. ” “What is it?” Ernest asked directly without any hesitation

The receptionist helped her check in immediately. Holding the room card, Florence was so nervous that her heart hammered. Since she had checked in another room, she wondered if Ernest would still stay in her room shamelessly

. Florence returned to her suite. She didn’t do anything, just holding the room card and waiting for Ernest while sitting on the sofa. Ernest’s strong and tall figure showed up at the door. The tailored suit on him made him look elegant and handsome as if he were a prince from an oil painting. However, in his hands, there was a plastic bag that didn’t fit him at all. The bag was full. All different kinds of sanitary pads couldn’t be faintly seen. Ernest strode to Florence and handed the bag to her awkwardly. “Here you go. ”Florence looked at the different types of sanitary pads in the bag, her mouth corners twitching slightly. She blurted out, “Why did you buy so many of them?”A trace of embarrassment flashed through Ernest’s handsome face, and his ears turning red. He said in a stiff voice, “You can dump the extra. ”Florence was speechless. Looking at the full bag of sanitary pads and then at Ernest’s awkward face, she suddenly realized something. Although Ernest asked her if it came and if it hurt, and he seemed to know much about the period, as a superior man, he should have never bought any sanitary pad before in his life. He wouldn’t know there were so many brands of sanitary pads, either. Therefore, he had bought all brands back. Holding the sanitary pads, Florence smiled helplessly. She couldn’t find any word to bitch about him. “Ahem. Thank you very much. ”“Just go ahead and use them. ”Ernest looked less awkward. He turned around and walked to the bar counter in the suit. Then he took out the brown sugar neatly, starting to put it in the boiling water. Seeing what he was doing, Florence understood that the brown sugar water was for her. Instantly, she was so shocked and her heart kept hammering. She had never expected that she would have the chance to drink the brown sugar water made by Ernest. She wondered if it meant that he cared about her. With the sanitary pads in her hands, Florence felt guiltier. He had been so nice to her. Being a superior man, he had done such an embarrassing thing, but she lied to him