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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 377: Going to Meet the Fiancé

Stanford chased after her in a rush, only to find Florence was standing on the balcony. She stood upright, trembling. She emanated a strong sadness that couldn’t be resolved at all. A surge of anger rose in Stanford’s chest. How he wished that he could kill Ernest! If it weren’t for him, Florence wouldn’t be so sad. Her sad-looking even broke his heart. “Flory. ” Stanford walked to Florence. Reaching out, he patted her on the back gently. He also noticed her reddened eyes and her tearful face. In the past few days, Florence hadn’t wept at all. He knew that she was pretended to be strong and purposely distract her attention. However, when she realized that she had been far away from the man and completely broken up with him, she would break down eventually. He pulled her over, pressing her head on his chest. “Go ahead and cry. After that, everything will be fine. ” Nestling on the man’s chest in such a dim place, in her brother’s embrace, Florence had found a place that she could vent her emotions. She burst into tears. The suppressed emotions that she tried hard to hold on to all exploded entirely. After a long while, Florence’s eyes were almost swollen. She said between sobs, “Actually, I’m just not used to it. ” A lot of people said that taking a journey would be the best remedy for the disappointment in love. However, it would be the biggest torture for someone who was soft-hearted and was still bothered. The farther away from the man, the more Florence missed him. She just felt so sad that it was a sorrow if she couldn’t breathe the air from the same city where he was. Stanford patted Florence on her back and said in an extremely tender voice, “I’ll always be with you. ” Under the night breeze, they were standing while hugging each other in sad harmony. In the banquet hall, Theresa and Susan were looking at them through the window. They looked unhappy gradually, becoming ferocious. Theresa said sarcastically, “If it weren’t that she is Little Miss, I wouldn’t make friends with her actively. I didn’t expect that she didn’t appreciate it. ” “Exactly. Does she think she was somebody because she’s Little Miss? She used to be an orphan in an ordinary family, didn’t she? How arrogant she is!” Susan said with a sneer. “I don’t believe she would be so superior forever. I long for the day that she’s doomed!” Theresa looked vicious, clenching her fists and cursing. Florence was immersed in her disappointment in love, and she had no idea that she had offended such two vicious women. After the banquet, Florence was always down. Although she didn’t have the grieved pain as the banquet night, she behaved as if everything was unrelated to her. She was always expressionless without any smile. Her parents were quite worried about her, and so was Stanford. The three gathered together and had a family meeting

“Stanny, you can’t agree outwardly but disagree inwardly or play any tricks. You should know that it’s best for Flory to like the brat from the Turner family. In that case, she would be quite happy and lead a happy life after getting married

. ” Stanford curled his lips. “I know it. ” Meanwhile, outside the door, a petite figure slowly moved away. It was Florence. She came over to see Stanford, but unexpectedly she overheard their conversation. It turned out that she was engaged to a man when she was born. The most important was that her whole family worried about her so much, trying their best to make her happier. Although they were reluctant, they were willing to let her meet the man from the Turner family. Florence felt quite guilty. She wasn’t in a good mood, which also impacted her family. She wasn’t all by herself now. She couldn’t be so willful. She needed to get better so that people who cared about her wouldn’t be sad. Hence, when Stanford told Florence that he was taking her to meet a friend, Florence agreed immediately. Stanford was a bit surprised. “Are you truly willing to go there? Aren’t you curious whom we’re going to meet?”“Whom are you taking me to meet?”Florence blinked as if she had realized that she should ask this question. Stanford was a bit helpless. Then he said the answer prepared ahead, “When you were born, our parents have engaged you to a man, the son of the Turner family. His name is Benjamin Turner. He’s quite handsome with a good personality. All through these years, he obeyed the infant matrimony with you and has never seen any other woman“I know you are quite sad now, and you are not in the mood to start a new love. However, the accompanying from another man would be the best remedy to cure your broken heart. “Let’s meet him. If you like him, you can try to get along with him first. If not, we can call off the engagement. ”Florence didn’t know what kind of family the Turner family was, but since it could engage the Fraser family, she knew it wouldn’t be an ordinary one. The interest should be most involved in the marriage for convenience between the rich families. However, Stanford was so supportive of her decisively. He suggested calling off the infant matrimony if she didn’t like it without caring about the interests that would be impacted negatively. Upon realizing it, Florence felt touched again. She could feel how much they loved her clearly. How could she have the heart to turn them down?Florence nodded in agreement. “Okay. I’ll meet him. If he’s good-looking, I might fall in love with him at the first sight. ”Seeing that Florence was still in the mood to joke, Stanford didn’t know whether he should be happy or worry. For some reason, he sensed that Florence was slightly different today