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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 681: Good Morning, Miss Fraser

Florence suddenly blushed and she was so embarrassed she wanted to push him away. What did he mean she was anxious in having sex with him? Hello? Did he not know who was the one pouncing on her, kissing her and touching her all over her body just now? No, it was not the time to argue about this. Still grabbing Ernest's shirt tightly with her fingers, Florence said in a low voice, "Today is the third day, we. " We have to have sex. Ernest's look turned gloomy, but he still wore a composed smile. His voice was gentle and calm. "It’s okay if we don’t have sex once. I won't get sick. Don't worry. " He had always been very persuasive. With his indifferent look, she nearly believed him. Yet how would she risk his life? What if he got sick if they did not have sex this time? They were in a bad situation and there were no doctors. They would be unable to gain control of the disease at all upon onset, and no one would dare to contemplate how serious the result will be. "I don't care. You have to sleep with me today. " Florence gritted her teeth and was very assertive. Ernest was stunned when he heard her. He looked at her with a mixed expression. With a hoarse voice, he spoke with great difficulty, "Florence, do you know what you are talking about?" His expression became a little dejected, "You look like a prostitute who is thirsty of sex. " “…” Florence’s face flushed. She was enraged and shy. She wanted to cover her face and straightaway hide under the quilt, never coming out again. Who is she doing this for? For whom?! She was really angry that she wanted to leave him alone. Seeing Florence looking so angry that she wanted to strangle him, Ernest once again suppressed the lust inside him. He stood up and was ready to go out of the tent when she was angry. But as he just took one step, Florence stretched out her arms around his waist and hugged him. Her soft body clung tightly to his back. Ernest's body froze. He could hear Florence’s soft voice from behind as she wriggled, "I’ve taken medicine, and I won’t catch a cold easily anymore. " "Speaking about embracing each other for warmth, we can only warm each other more if we don't wear anything. If you hold me tight, I won't feel cold. " She knew the reason he did not want to make love was because he was afraid that she would feel cold. She did not even want to take off her clothes when she slept during this weather, let alone she had to take off all her clothes when they make love. Sensing the softness of the woman’s body behind him, Ernest's heart beat fiercely, faster and more heavily. His voice was low and slow, "Florence. " There were too many things he wanted to say, but that was the only word he could say

I'm not sure how many days it will take to get there, but I promise we will reach Raflad. ” When they get there, they would not freeze and starve to death in the snow as there are people. "Florence, don't be afraid

. Stay with me and let’s keep going. "Don't be afraid, don't fear, and don't fall. When they were in such a place, the biggest fear was to lose confidence. Once their mentality broke down, the body will soon break down. "Alright!” Florence nodded heavily. "As long as I'm with you, I won’t be scared. I'll persevere until the end. "If she wanted to accompany him, she could not hold him back. Staring at the vague outline in front of her, the timidity inside her turned into firm determination. The night was cold, and they held each other tightly to resist the cold weather. Florence was awakened the next day. Ernest had already put on his inner clothes. He was holding his head with one hand and was looking at her. She was still in his arms, warm. Florence opened her eyes and looked at his handsome face in confusion. A smile broke upon her lips. "Good morning, Mr. Hawkins. "Her smile was very beautiful, so beautiful that it looked like the snow lotus on the top of a snowy mountain. Ernest looked deadly gentle. "Good morning, Miss Fraser. "His voice was extremely listenable and pleasant to the ears. Florence’s arms which were embracing Ernest tightened even more, she buried her face in his chest. She grunted with a baby voice, "I don’t want to get up, I still want to sleep for a while. "She was still not awake and she was still sleepy. Ernest looked at her head which was in his arms, and he could not help but let out a loving smile. She used to look like that too when she refused to get off the bed. At that time, he would let her continue to sleep and accompany her until she woke up completely. But not today. Ernest touched her hair and said softly, “I’ll let you go to bed early tonight, but now we have to get up early and get on our way. The weather is good during the day and the temperature is higher. "Florence who was about to fall asleep at every minute suddenly opened her eyes. She looked a little shocked and only realized they are now in a vast snowfield, not on the big cozy bed at home