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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 576: Got Cornered

Rodgers pointed at a weedy path in front of him, “Follow this path, and we should leave this area. I’ll get you to another hiding spot. They won’t find us, at least for a while. ” Clarence even arranged another hiding spot for her. Clarence had been considering all sorts of possibilities for her before he left. Florence frowned. Perhaps Clarence knew she wasn’t going to come back when he left. So, he prepared so many backup plans for her. Florence owed too much to Clarence. Florence shook away her guiltiness and earnestly said to Rodgers, “Sorry for the troubles. ” “Don’t bother. I didn’t do it for nothing. Clarence paid me a good sum of money that could change my life. ” Rodgers laughed sincerely without hiding anything from Florence. It was a favour and a trade. Florence felt grateful either way. She hesitated and asked, “Do you know how’s Clarence doing now?” Rodgers showed his worry. He answered Florence softly, “I’m not sure. He told me that if he didn’t come back, I must get you out of there and take care of you. ” Florence was disappointed. Even Rodgers didn’t know how Clarence was doing. Florence didn’t know who she could ask anymore. Florence hesitated and asked nervously, “After we leave here and landed in a safe place, could you please help me to ask around and see how Clarence is doing? Even if it is just a little piece of information is better than nothing. ” When Rodgers was about to answer Florence, a strange and cold voice rose from afar. “No need to ask around. I can tell you what happened to Clarence. ” These words came out from the man’s mouth word-by-word like he was chewing them. Florence was stunned by the malicious words the man said. She turned around in fear and saw a man in a wheelchair at the end of the weedy path. The man’s face was wrapped in thick gauze. Florence could only see his eyes and mouth. There was a machine sticking on the man’s neck. It vibrated as the man spoke, and produced a robotic voice. Florence recognized who the man was even if he was so tightly wrapped up and she couldn’t see his face. Benjamin! Florence knew he wasn’t dead. Florence thought she escaped, but she ended up cornered by Benjamin

“Stop!” Florence shouted and wanted to pull the maid away. The maid glared at her maliciously. The maid smiled mockingly, “People who helped you shall die

. ” The maid then pushed the exposed bone into Rodgers chest. Rodgers spitted blood and widened his eyes. Then, he stopped breathing after a while. Florence stunned. Her eyes widened, and her body shivered. It was cold. It was extremely cold. Anger filled her heart like a fire on a field. Florence screamed, “You! How dare you kill him?”Rodgers’s life was taken away by simply one order. Rodgers was looking forward to his about-to-change future, but now, he was dead. These people were cruel. They killed people without blinking an eye. “Benjamin, you are a demon! Damn you! You will pay for this!”Benjamin’s wheelchair slowly moved towards Florence after his gauze-wrapped finger pushed a button on his wheelchair handle. Benjamin wasn’t moving fast. He looked like a cloud, slowly building up and swallowed the lights in the skies. Benjamin moved his lips as he spoke. “Florence, I will not only kill the tramp. I will also kill the person you cared the most. ”Benjamin then dropped a malicious sight on Ernest, “Ernest. ”Florence shivered. She felt like her heart dropped into the ice water and got frozen. Florence hugged Ernest with her trembling arms, then moved backwards bit by bit carefully. Florence shouted, “How dare of you? If you dare to harm Ernest, I will make you pay. ”“Do you think I’m afraid of dying now?”Benjamin laughed arrogantly. He was fearless. Benjamin was a person who climbed his way up from hell. He lost everything, so he was fearless. His crazy thoughts told him to pull everyone he hated into hell. “I want you to watch me peeling his skin layer by layer. Then stab him again and again and torture him till his last breath. ”