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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 625: Gunshot Marriage with You

“Not necessary. The examination result from Collin will be available this afternoon. ” Stanford looked at the gray-haired elder and exposed his thought unconcealed. “Our Fraser family wouldn’t fake the result. If you still won’t believe it, you can find another doctor to check up on Ernest. At this moment, please respect Collin. ” Some doctors had quirks that they were not willing to let another doctor meddle in when curing their patients. Besides, Collin was a legendary doctor. It was normal for him to have certain rules and quirks. The Turner family didn’t want to offend Stanford again on this matter. One of the elders immediately said, “Mr. Fraser, you’ve misunderstood. We fully trust Mr. Collin’s medical skills and ethics. We’ll be waiting for his examination result this afternoon. “Let’s not stand here any longer. Shall we go into the lounge?” When the gray-haired elder heard the words, he glared at the speaking elder unhappily. The elder smiled, but he still looked quite determined, insisting on showing them the way to the lounge. Other elders also stood beside him, showing that their attitudes were the same. No matter how angry the gray-haired elder was and how much he disbelieved, he couldn’t be against all other elders of the Turner family in public. Gritting his teeth, Aldrich tried his best to hold back the waves of his anger. He decided to wait for Collin’s result. If it showed that Ernest hadn’t completely lost the birth ability, Aldrich would definitely found another doctor to check him up. After making up his mind, the gray-haired Aldrich didn’t speak again with a darkened face. Theodore looked over at Ernest with a complicated feeling. Then he smiled and looked at Florence dotingly. “Flory, we originally planned to match-make two youngsters of our families, but I never expected that Benjamin would have done such evil things to you. “Although I’ve let you deal with Benjamin, I still feel quite guilty. Tell me what you want. I’ll try my best to make it up to you. ” After a pause, Theodore also looked over at Stanford meaningfully, “I’ll make it up for the Fraser family as well. ” He implied that he was showing kindness. Florence understood what he meant by the compensation - it must be relevant to the interests, which she wasn’t interested in at all. She just gripped Ernest’s hand tightly, standing next to him obediently. She felt quite sorry for Ernest. He used to be the baby of Grandma Georgia in the Hawkins family as well as the master of the family. He was the most superior man in City N

Thinking about Ernest’s health condition, she shook her head and looked careless. “I don’t like kids that much. They were too noisy and naughty

. Besides, if there’s a child, there wouldn’t be a world for a couple alone anymore. ” As she spoke, Florence took Ernest’s arm and glinted at him, “In fact, it’s a good thing to have no child. We could be a happy DINK family. ” Ernest’s eyes became more and more darkened. He could see through the smile on Florence’s face - obviously, she didn’t tell the truth. He could tell that she liked kids a lot. However, for him, she faked to deny it. That was the most situation that Ernest wanted to see - Florence was forcing herself. He always wanted to give her the best in the world. Ernest felt depressed as if something heavy was pressed on his chest. Holding Florence, he teased her, “Florence, are you hinting at me to marry you or to make love to you first?”Florence was startled, blushing instantly. Of course, she didn’t mean that at all. She wondered why he misunderstood it that way. Feeling shy and annoyed, Florence retorted, “No, I’m not. Neither!”“So, don’t you want me to marry you?” Ernest approached her and asked. His handsome face was quite close to her. Their breath intertwined. His sharp gaze on her touched her soul. Florence’s heart couldn’t help hammering. Her face was so red that she looked like a roasted prawn. She parted her lips but couldn’t utter any word in shyness. Of course, she wanted it. But, how could she answer it now, especially under such a circumstance?She knew that Ernest was teasing her deliberately. “You. don’t get so close to me!”Florence was in a panic, her eyes twinkling. She wanted to push Ernest away, but as soon as her palms touched him, they were grabbed by his big hands. Their fingers were interlocked together. With his tall and strong figure leaning over to approach her, he said in an extremely sexy and seductive low voice, stressing each syllable, “Or, shall I make love to you first?”His question was reechoed in Florence’s mind. The familiar breath from him was so close to Florence that her heart almost popped out of her chest. They were still in the living room of the Turner family’s house, where people would come in at any time. However, Ernest was getting closer and closer. Wrapping her slender waist, he said, “Florence, I want to have a gunshot marriage with you