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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 136: Happiness Came so Suddenly

Back to the villa, Florence unlocked the door with her fingerprint. She didn’t come home quite late, and actually, she was quite early. However, it was so quiet in the villa. She looked around and found nobody. She wondered where they were. It was still early, so they shouldn’t have gone to bed. She wondered if they had gone out or something happened. Thinking of Ernest’s temper, Florence felt uneasy subconsciously. Immediately, she walked towards the study, but Ernest wasn’t there either. At this time, if he was not at work, probably he had gone out. She wondered where Charlotte was. Confused, Florence wanted to call Charlotte and ask her. She went to the bedroom to put down her purse first. “Crack. ” When Florence went into the bedroom before she turned on the light, a big and strong figure pounced at her all of a sudden, pressing her against the door forcibly. She was shocked, feeling her scalp tightened. There was no one at home, but a thief broke in. “Help. Hmm!” Before Florence could cry out for help, her breath was blocked by the man’s hot lips. His kiss was quite fierce, as overpowering as a grumpy animal. He sucked her lips and tongue as if he wanted to swallow her. Florence even felt the pain from the tip of her tongue. “Hmm!” This bastard was not just a thief but also a rascal, freak. Florence felt so scared, her mind going blank. With all her strength, she struggled hard, pushing and hitting him. The strength from her small fists made him feel pain. It had never happened before. Ernest’s tall and strong body was stiffened suddenly. Instantly, he became angrier, wondering if she and Cooper had confessed their love to each other. It was all because that she had promised Cooper so that she was denying him tens, hundreds of times stronger than usual, and didn’t want to let him touch her, wasn’t it? The fury surged in his chest together with a sharp pang. Ernest had never had such a feeling before, but he felt that his heart almost cracked, which he couldn’t control at all. His reason was damaged bit by bit. He kissed her more violently, holding her body tightly as if he wanted to melt her into his blood and bones. It seemed that he could only catch her by this way. Florence felt pains all over her body. At the same time, she felt more frightened as if she was a sapling that would be pinched to death. However, her resistance didn’t work at all. On the contrary, it let out the man’s desire to conquer, making him attack her more aggressively. In the dark, he pressed her body tightly, his palm going into her cloth. His lips kissed from her chin down to her neck, collarbones

” the man moaned in a low voice, feeling the pain. Taking the chance, Florence pushed him away, turned around, and was about to leave. Ernest acted quite fast

. Pulling her to stop, he leaned over and pressed her against the wall again. He was quite close to her. When he spoke, the breath from his mouth blew on her face all the time. “Repeat what you have just said. ”The man’s voice was quite low, so hoarse with a desire, sounding quite dangerous. Different from the horrible feeling that he brought her just now, the current Ernest made Florence feel that he was more dangerous. Her heart hammered so fiercely as if he would occupy it soon. Standing straight against the wall, she felt her cheek burned. How could she have the guts to repeat such a shameful line? Florence pressed her lips without uttering a sound. However, Ernest didn’t want to let her go. His breath approached her more closely as if he would kiss her again. His hoarse and sexy voice was extremely obvious in the dark. “My good girl. Come again. Whose woman are you?”Florence’s heart hammered so strongly that it almost jumped out from her throat. She believed Ernest was doing it deliberately. “I, I just said that when feeling panicked. Please don’t take it seriously. Just ignore it. ”Gritting her teeth, Florence pressed Ernest’s chest that was quite close to her to distance from him a bit. Then she squatted down and escaped from the side quickly. She ran so fast like a rabbit. In an instant, she was a few meters away from Ernest. She even changed the subject in a hurry, “I’m going to take a shower. ”Seeing the blurred figure in the dark, Ernest felt more and more joyful. Staring at her, he stressed each syllable, “The words that you say when feeling panicked are always the truth. Florence, I’m the person you trust the most, right?”Florence suddenly stopped, her whole body feeling so burnt as if she was thrown into the boiling oil. She couldn’t deny that at that dangerous moment, the first one that came into her mind was Ernest. As for the reason that she would think of him. Florence shook her head, trying to get rid of the conclusion that she almost had figured out. Then she rushed into the bathroom as fast as she could and closed the door. “Pak. ” The bedroom and the bathroom were separated. However, the hearts of them both were still hammering. In the dark, Ernest still gazed at that door. The endless joy had filled his heart and eyes gradually