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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 693: Hard to Imagine

“My younger sister had been raised in affection. Of course, she’s more squeamish than you are,” said Ernest in a cold tone. With a cold and aloof look, he looked at the woman coldly. “You don’t deserve to compare yourself to her. ” He proudly defended Florence without concealing anything. The woman was shocked and frightened. Her face became pale as if she had heard something shocking and unbelievable. She was shocked that Ernest cared and doted Florence so much, making the latter not like a woman at all. She was frightened that Ernest didn’t feel ashamed while defending Florence so much. However, the way that Ernest treated Florence was totally different from other men treated women in their country. When the woman was shocked and frightened, she faintly envied Florence as well. She wished if her husband could treat her in this way. She even dared not to imagine it. “So handsome. ” Standing next to them, Bonnie looked at Ernest obsessively, almost drooling. It turned out besides being as fierce and cold as her father and elder brother, a man could be so doting and tender. She even started to envy the fragile Florence. Ignoring the woman, Ernest looked at Florence tenderly, “You must be hungry. I’ll take you for lunch. ” Florence’s grievance suffered because the woman immediately vanished under Ernest’s attitude and defense. She nodded obediently, “Okay. ” She pressed on the bed and stood on one foot. Immediately, Ernest helped her up and let her sit in the wheelchair carefully. He looked at Florence in the wheelchair and his eyes were full of hidden bitterness. He couldn’t hold her or dote on her in public, which made him feel so depressed and irritated. Fortunately, it would end pretty soon. After a few days, he could take her away from this country. Besides, he needed to grasp the chance to get the herb. He wouldn’t be here most of the time. Florence’s ankle was injured, so the wheelchair would make it more convenient for her. After Florence sat down, Ernest naturally stood behind the wheelchair, pushing her forward. The woman and Bonnie gaped again. In their worlds, men were gods that they needed to worship. They needed to serve the men all their lives. Usually, they would do everything for men, and the men wouldn’t do anything for them

She asked again, “Then, it should be almost the same as the ancient period, right?” It seemed in the ancient period, men left home and worked as the master. Most women were staying in the families almost all the time, taking care of their husbands and raising children. Ernest answered, “Almost

. Even more serious than the ancient times. “Women here are quite humble, worshiping men as gods. No matter wives, daughters, or younger sisters, they must serve men. The men can do anything to them, even deciding their life or death. Women have no status here at all. “Besides, all women here need to do everything. Except for work, men don’t need to do anything here. If a man doesn’t have a career, a woman will be working to support the whole family. ”Florence gaped, and her three outlooks almost collapsed. She couldn’t imagine in the current era, women here were still so humble. Men even could decide their life or death. Besides, if a man was incapable, a woman needed to earn money to support the family. In that case, wouldn’t the man become an adult baby for the woman as well?“That’s why they fell behind the modern civilization. ”Ernest said in a deep tone, “Even in our country, for the minor races in remote areas, they still had this kind of custom. However, it’s too extreme here. ”The custom in this country was way too extreme and the citizen’s thoughts were twisted. Florence suddenly understood why the woman treated Ernest and her so differently. “But, are women here always treat other women so fiercely?”From waking up until now, Florence had suffered a lot because she was a woman. Ernest looked annoyed, glancing at Florence with concerns. “I’m not sure. I’ll tell Andrew to forbid others to bully you again. ”Earlier, Ernest had never expected that Florence would be treated so unkindly after she woke up. That woman, who looked obedient and timid, could be like such a vicious shrew. In the next few days, he wouldn’t be able to accompany Florence at all. He couldn’t let her be bullied again. He even didn’t have the heart to bully Florence himself. Florence pressed her lips, feeling quite warm in her heart. Ernest always tried to protect her. Since the local custom was in this way, Florence guessed that women should always bully the weak-kneel and fear the firm, and she was evil and violent, so she hit and scolded Florence. After Ernest had told their master of the family, as long as that woman wouldn’t go too far, Florence was willing to tolerate for a few days to avoid trouble.