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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 615: Hardcore in the Morning

Early morning, the second day. After tidying themselves up, Florence and Phoebe came out of the bedroom, heading to have breakfast. When they just took a few steps, the door of the room next to theirs was opened from the inside. Ernest was standing at the gate, gazing at Florence with hidden bitterness. In a deep voice that fully expressed his unhappiness, he said, “Florence, once you got your bestie beside you, you’ve forgotten about me, haven’t you?” Florence stopped walking suddenly. In a hurry, she turned around, only to find Ernest standing while leaning against the door frame. She had forgotten to ask Ernest to go for breakfast with her together. Phoebe was pretty sensible. Immediately, she released Florence and pushed her towards Ernest. She whispered, “Hurry up and coax him. ” Florence was silent. She wondered if it was necessary. Ernest shouldn’t be so petty, she didn’t need to coax him, did she? Under Ernest’s threatening and deep gaze, Florence was in a panic. She tried her best to keep smiling and walked over to Ernest. She reached out to wrap his wrist. “I was about to call you. Let’s go. Shall we go for breakfast together?” Ernest doubted. He squinted. He was not a fool. Florence had bypassed his room for a long distance already. She wouldn’t turn around and call him, would she? Ernest pinched her chin, slightly leaning over to approach her. His light breath was sprayed on her face. “We didn’t stay together for a night only. You’ve learned to lie, haven’t you?” Overwhelmed by his dangerous breath, Florence instantly blushed. Her eyes twinkled, feeling shy and annoyed. She hurriedly retorted, “I. ” If she hadn’t lied, she wouldn’t be able to explain at all. However, looking into Ernest’s sharp and threatening eyes, her tongue twisted. She couldn’t utter any word to continue lying. Florence felt so fluctuated that her heart almost popped out of her chest. Ernest lowered his head, approaching her closer. He asked, “What do you want to say?” The distance between them was shortened rapidly. They were so close that Florence could touch his straight and sharp nose and moving lips at any time. Florence’s mind was messy. Her mind almost went blank. He was seducing her in the early morning. Was it truly appropriate? She was afraid that her nose might bleed soon. Florence’s twinkled. Looking at the enlarged handsome face that was so close to her, she parted her lips and blurted out, “Are. are you hungry? Let’s. ” She wanted to suggest going for breakfast

It was way too awkward to meet Stanford alone. After standing stiffly for a while, Phoebe finally calmed down a bit. She greeted him politely, “Hi, Mr

. Fraser. Good morning. ”The way she addressed him made Stanford stiff. She no longer called him intimately. Instead, she addressed him so distant. Stanford’s eyes instantly were darkened. Pressing his thin lips, he tried hard to suppress the irritation in his heart, calming down. He looked up at her, trying to speak in a soft tone. However, his tone still sounded stiffened“You don’t need to be so restrained. Let the bygones be bygones. ”Phoebe was slightly surprised, looking at Stanford in confusion. His words were reechoed in her mind. She couldn’t understand what he meant. With tense nerves for a moment, she asked stiffly, “Don’t you blame me any longer?”Stanford shook his head and said frankly, “It’s not your fault that the incident happened to Flory. ”After being impulsed, he could think reasonably. He added, “I was too much when speaking those words to you. Please don’t take them to your heart. You are Flory’s bestie and you will always be. ”He wouldn’t stop them from seeing each other. That meant he allowed Phoebe to continue staying here. Phoebe was so surprised, looking at Stanford with her sparkling eyes. She had thought that Stanford would send her away after the night and would never let her appear in Florence’s life in the future. Now Stanford’s attitude told her that she could continue being Florence’s bestie. A trace of joy rose in Phoebe’s heavy heart. At the same time, a ray of hope that she was not supposed to have suddenly surged in her heart of darkness. Subconsciously, she clenched her fingers. After hesitating for a long while, she plucked up her courage and looked over at Stanford. Gritting her teeth, she said in an extremely low voice, “Then. do you. do you. ”Looking at Phoebe’s uneasy face, Stanford felt annoyed for some reason. He frowned and asked bluntly, “What do you want to ask? Just go ahead. I’ll answer whatever I could. ”He was quite straightforward. Phoebe’s heart hammered more violently. The strong desire rushed into her mind, making her blurt out her question.