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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 643: Have Sex with Florence

Thinking of that Ernest was in poor health, but he still had to take risk, Florence couldn’t bear the thought of staying at home comfortably doing mothing but waiting. She couldn’t do that. She would go mad. Emotions flickered in Florence’s eyes. After for a while, she shook her head strongly and held Ernest’s entire arm. She gritted her teeth, “I swear I won’t be your burden! I can take care of myself!” Stanford frowned, “Flory …. ” “I won’t let Ernest take risk alone. It will kill me! Whatever, I must go. None of you can leave me behind!” Florence uttered word by word determinedly. She held Ernest’s arm with more strength as if she was afraid to be abandoned, showing her panic and anxiety. Ernest was worried about her and looked at her with his soulful eyes. He patted her little hand with his big palm and soothed in a soft and warm voice, “We’ll talk about it later. I have to have someone navigate the way first, and the cars need to be upgraded. If we can ensure your safety, I’ll take you with us. ” It meant that if her safety couldn’t be ensured, he wouldn’t take her. And he would take the risk alone? Florence was panic and her eyes were getting hot. If the trip were that dangerous, how could she let him take the risk? She really wanted to ask him not go either, but Raflad was where Ernest could get his only chance to survive. Florence gritted her teeth and said seriously, “Ernest, you promised me that you’ll take me together with you to look for the herbs. You can’t break your promise. ” “I believe you can get everything ready to protect me and anyone else. ” Looking at the determination in Florence’s eyes and seeing her holding back her tears, Ernest felt a sharp pain in his heart. He had intended to give her the happiest and easiest life, but now he made her be frightened and worried. He pressed his thin lips and agreed in a low voice, “Fine, I’ll try my best. ” To try his best was the only thing that he could promise under such circumstances. Florence still had butterflies in her stomach, but she couldn’t ask him for too much. She had no choice but to wait until Ernest get everything ready and allow her to come with them. But she was anxious and feared that she was given the runaround, and Ernest had made up his mind not to take her

He was furious, “Asshole, how dared you do that to Flory!” He knew there were many times when Ernest and Florence desired to have sex, but they didn’t do it. After Ernest was injured severely and confirmed not be able to have child, Ernest had been consciously keeping distance with Florence. Stanford didn’t expect that Ernest slept with Florence long ago!Ernest’s face changed a little, but he didn’t resist letting Stanford grab him

. He said solemnly, “I’m responsible for her. ”Stanford was outraged. It was not a matter of if he was going to be responsible for it or not. How could he be responsible for Florence forever when he was fighting for his own life?“Damn it! I don’t want Florence to worry, otherwise I definitely will beat you to death today. ”Stanford gritted his teeth out of anger and tried every effort to hold back his anger and withdraw his fist in the air. He let go Ernest’s collar and turned to Collin with a dark face, “Go ahead. ”Collin must have got something more to tell. Collin looked at the furious Stanford cautiously and took a few steps back to keep a safe distance with him. He was nervous as what he was going to say would definitely cause Stanford to hit Ernest or himself. Stanford noticed Collins’s movement and narrowed his eyes. “Collin, if you are going to say anything that will get you in trouble, you’d better shut up. ”Collin’s lips twisted. He felt his life was in danger. But he had to say it …. He took another two steps back and said quickly, “Time is limited. Ernest will be attacked by the disease again at any moment. Each attack brings great pain. What’s worse, it’ll shorten his limited life. ”“He’ll die after three or four attacks. ”“But this can be solved if …. ”Collin glanced at Stanford hesitantly as he swallowed and then said in a weak voice, “If he has sex with Flory, the disease would be constrained. ”