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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 292: Have You Really Given Up on Him

“Ha! Flory, you said you want to go shopping, don’t you go against your words!” A person suddenly jumped up from the bed. Florence was taken aback by that and seeing Phoebe with disheveled hair, she remembered they had slept together while hugging each other last night. She patted her chest and said, “You scared me, Phoebe!” Phoebe giggled and hugged her with open arms. “I don’t care, you’ve promised me to go shopping. If you dare go against your words, I’ll eat you!” She then bit her shoulder. Florence quickly pushed her head and said helplessly, “Alright, alright, I’ll go shopping with you okay?” “Yay, Flory you’re the best. I’ll go clean up and do my makeup now. ” Phoebe took off the blanket happily and got down the bed, running towards the bathroom. Florence let out a smile as she watched her back. She knew Phoebe did not want to go shopping actually. It was just that she tried to take her out to breathe fresh air when she had seen her staying inside the house for several days. It was not bad to go shopping though. She would start working the next day and if she paid full concentration towards her work, she would definitely forget everything soon. Having thought that, she got off the bed and cleaned up too, putting on her favorite clothes. Meanwhile, at the Hawkins’ Mansion, Georgia was sitting on the couch of the living room and she looked gloomy. Ernest had not come back for a few days and now when she had made a call to Florence, she was not going to come back too. What was going on with them? Could it be something had gone wrong? As she pondered, she heard footsteps. The old butler rushed in and reported with deference, “Ma’am, I heard news saying the Fraser family has shown up and they’re here to see Florence. ” Georgia pulled down a long face. They were actually quick in their action. It seemed like the marriage could not be delayed any longer. She then ordered, “Fix the date of marriage and organize the wedding straight away. Go arrange it for me this instant. ” The old butler nodded and agreed. “Yes, ma’am. ” “Wait. ” Georgia suddenly remembered something and she added, “Go find the place where Miss Fraser is going to shop today out for me, and arrange a car for me, I’ll go pick her up myself. ” How could she not sense that Florence was hiding something from her when they were talking on the phone just now? She supposed Florence would still care for her pride if she sees her herself. “Okay. ” The old butler quickly retreated

” Florence quickly interrupted her and she was afraid that Phoebe would really drag her to a barber shop. After all, although her best friend was good, she had acted too recklessly most of the time. Seeing her panicking, Phoebe smiled, “I’m just joking with you

. Let’s sit here for a while, Flory. ” They had coincidentally reached an al fresco beverage shop. Florence was indeed a little tired in walking. She nodded and sat down beside her. Phoebe only sat down after ordering two glasses of fresh juice and two matcha cakes. Yet her smile had disappeared and she looked serious instead. She looked at Florence and asked, “Flory, it’s been seven days, how do you feel?”“What do you mean by how do you feel?” Florence asked in a daze. Phoebe said straightforwardly, “Ernest Hawkins of course, have you really given up on him?” Hearing that name, her face went a little gloomy and she then replied, “Based on my situation these days, do you think I’m still thinking of him?”“Yeah!” Phoebe said assertively. Without waiting for her to reply, she explained with an objective mind. “Flory, I’m your best friend, therefore I want to make things clear for you, I hope you won’t get angry after listening to this. First of all, Ernest is indeed a brilliant and perfect man, and I can tell he really cares about you, or else he won’t come looking for you when it’s already midnight. If you can be with him, I’ll give you my sincere blessings. And, just like you thought, you indeed have a distance with Ernest, and you certainly must have faced a lot of setbacks and ordeals when you’re with him. Even many people have unstable marriage these days, not to mention a perfect man like Ernest. Therefore, I want to tell you, if you’ve really given up on him, you should find a more ordinary boyfriend that suits you. That would be good too. All in all, no matter what decision you make in the end, I’ll stay with you forever to support you and keep you company. ”Phoebe had spoken a lot and every word was said from the bottom of her heart. Florence knew Phoebe said that for her own good, and she was right too. She extended her hands and held her hands, saying gently, “Phoebe, as you can see, I’ve talked it through with Ernest that night, and I think we won’t have any chance to meet each other in the future. Even if we do, he will ignore me and we won’t be together anymore. You’re right, I should find someone who suits me and live an ordinary and simple life. But that all happen in the future, I want to stay single with you and be a happy bachelorette. ”Phoebe finally took a load off her mind when she heard her genuine words. Although Florence did not cry nor waste her time doing nothing these days, she was scared that she would keep everything to her heart and she deliberately took her out to shop. Now that she had heard her true thought, she no longer had to worry that she would take things too hard. As she was going to speak, a voice was heard out of the blue