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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 550: He Ate It

“There’s no need to worry indeed, I guarantee he won’t die eating this. ” Benjamin played with the bottle in his hand and smiled evilly, “This is only a medicine that will make Ernest infertile. ” Infertile? What kind of medicine was that? Florence’s eyes widened and her body trembled. Benjamin explained, “A medicine that kills sperms, a man will become infertile after eating it!” “Ernest, once you lost your ability to produce offspring, you can never be the heir of the Turner family. So I don’t have to kill you since you are no longer a competition, you should thank me for my mercy. ” Medicine that killed sperms, interfile, it was more psychotic than killing. Florence immediately blocked in front of Ernest with her trembling body. With a stern voice, she said, “I don’t allow you to eat this! I won’t ever forgive you if you do!” Ernest raised his brows and teased her. “You seem worried. Are you afraid that I might lose my ability in giving you a child?” Florence stunned and blushed in an instant. She was thinking about his future but he teased her instead. “I… No, I didn’t mean that, I…” Florence stuttered and didn’t know what to say. Benjamin’s smiled disappeared seeing them joking with each other. He hated it when Ernest was happy and shouted, “Will you eat it? Do it quickly!” And then he threw the bottle to Ernest. Ernest on the other hand fetched the bottle single-handedly. Florence’s body trembled. She quickly went over to snatch the bottle away. “I said don’t eat it!” She would rather Benjamin released the button than letting Ernest eat the medicine. It would haunt him his entire life, being infertile was a huge matter to a man. And without the ability to produce offspring, Ernest lost the right as the heir of the Tuner family and they would definitely have him killed. She didn’t want to see that happen. But Ernest raised his hand with the bottle beyond Florence’s reach

But he was still cautious. He ordered the maid stood by the side, “Go check if the medicine had taken effect completely. ” All his maids were specially trained with different skills

. One could lose their life going out surrounded by snipers but they shall not disobey Benjamin. The maid gritted her teeth, came out from the corner and walked towards Ernest cautiously. Florence who stood beside Ernest stared sharply at the maid and yelled. “Go away, don’t come near here!” Ernest was suffering in pain but Benjamin still sent someone to check on him. To what extend he wanted to see him suffered? Benjamin said coldly, “Florence, stay away and let her check, then I will let Ernest live. ” Could she trust him? Florence didn’t trust a single word from him now. At this moment, Ernest grabbed one of Florence’s arms and pushed her aside. “Florence, let her check. ” He said weakly. “I’ve taken the medicine, checking is nothing. ” Ernest suddenly looked up and stared at Benjamin with his reddened eyes. “Keep your words and let Florence free, otherwise I’ll kill you right now. ” Looking at Ernest who was soaked in sweats and was about to pass out, Benjamin felt at ease. He was at his most disadvantaged yet still threatened him? What a joke! Even if both Florence and Ernest survived today so what? Ernest had been completely defeated! Benjamin’s lips lifted and agreed instantly, “Okay!” The maid was now in front of Ernest. She took out a device that looked like a long pen with a silver head, it was a detecting device. She then assembled them cautiously and pointed it on Ernest’s neck. Red light lightened and blinked three times on the silver head of the device when it was placed on Ernest’s neck. Benjamin asked nervously, “How?”