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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 102: He Comes Here

Soon after Florence had seated herself, someone made troubles for her. The moment Isabel saw Florence, she said in a loud voice, “Isn’t that Florence? I haven’t expected that she’s here. ” Hearing her words, the media practitioners and the other attendees also noticed Florence. Isabel took the lead to walk towards Florence. As she was standing, she slightly raised her chin and gazed at Florence with a condescending attitude. “Florence, you stood down Ovi Fashion Design Contest out of no reasons and I thought you will drop out of the design community since then. Why are you here today? Are you unwilling to give up your career and come here to be an audience?” Although Isabel was caring about Florence, her words were so provoking and contemptuous. She was implicating that Florence was only qualified to be an audience. The media practitioners, who originally had interested in Florence, guessed that Florence would not come back to the design community after hearing Isabel’s words. And in this way, Florence became valueless in their eyes. No media practitioner took Florence’s photos as they all caught every opportunity to photographed Isabel. Florence stared coldly at Isabel and Grayson. She detested them so much that she just wanted to ignore him. Isabel came to her to start a quarrel and to highlight her superiority. If she replied Isabel now, she would take it as her springboard to say more and would be more self-complacent. So, Florence shifted her gaze and thoroughly ignored Isabel. Being ignored by Florence under everyone’s gaze, Isabel felt like she was slapped in the face and became a bit embarrassed. She was furious inwardly and scarcely managed to maintain her composure. “By the way, only those who are famous in the industry are qualified to be invited to this fashion show. As far as I know, you seem not to have the qualification, right?” Isabel asked with doubt and then shifted her gaze on Anthony. She hesitated for a while and then seemed to be enlightened, “He brought you here? That makes sense. ” Isabel didn’t explicate it, but the suggestion in her words was so obvious. Florence had hooked up with Anthony. Florence’s expressions instantly became gloomy. It didn’t matter if Isabel gossiped about her only, but she could not implicate Anthony’s reputation. “Isabel Hopkins, do you think that everyone likes to rely on man to get what they want like you?” Florence stood to her feet and glanced over Grayson contemptuously and unscrupulously. Grayson’s face darkened. He glared at Florence sulkily, but still maintained his gentility and simply curled his lips into a straight line and didn’t say anything. But Isabel could not withstand it, “Florence, although I defeated you at Ovi Fashion Design Contest, everyone knew that I won the competition relying on my own capability. Are you unwilling to admit your failure and are you jealous of my husband?” “Jealous of you? I have no interest in a jerk like Grayson

He walked directly to Florence and stopped at a short distance away from her, as if he was protecting her. He then glanced over Isabel coldly and said to everyone present, “Florence has signed a contract with Hawkins Group. One of our recent projects is to help Florence enhance her popularity and push her to the international stage

. ” As soon as he finished the words, there was a commotion in the hall. They thought that Florence’s career would be doomed to failure before and that she would definitely leave the design community and lose her commercial value. But now, the situation was reversed dramatically. They could draw the conclusion without thinking too much of it that after signing a contract with Hawkins Group, Florence would be the most popular designer after a short period of time and would even exceed Isabel. “Click, click…” The media practitioners all took Florence’s photos crazily. Those designers’ gaze towards Florence also changed – there were envy, respect and dread in their gazes. Everyone was shocked and they all had a complicated feeling. Seeing that the situation had changed dramatically, Isabel’s face became as pale as a sheet and she stumbled and almost fell down onto the ground. Why Ernest showed up now and helped Florence?Why hadn’t Florence been driven out of the Hawkins family?“No. I don’t believe in it. ” Isabel shook her head and was unwilling to accept this, “You’re lying. You shouldn’t have any relationship… You shouldn’t help her…”Ernest curled his thin lips into a sneer and stared at Isabel coldly and sarcastically. He kept down his voice and said in a voice that could only be heard by himself and Isabel, “Isabel, right? Do you really think that you don’t need to pay any price after framing her? She’s protected by the Hawkins family. ”His words were so indifferent and Isabel felt the coldness. A shiver ran down her spin and fear arouse in her heart. Her legs became lip and she fell backwards uncontrollably. Grayson hastily took a step forward and brought her into his arms. She barely managed to maintain her balance so that she would not bring shame on herself in front of so many people. Holding Isabel in his arms, Grayson felt a bit annoyed. Isabel was really seeking death! How dared she offend Ernest again and again!He smiled, “Mr. Hawkins, she’s just a woman. For the sake me, please pass over her. ”However, before Grayson could finish his words, Ernest turned around coldly and ignored him thoroughly. It was like an invisible slap on Grayson’s face and he felt very embarrassed. Ernest turned around, gazed at Florence while saying lovingly and slowly in a low voice, “I was late. ”