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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 358: He Got to Know Everything

He used to stay in this villa before. However, since the matter happened in the hospital, he hadn’t come back for a long time. There were full of traces that Florence and he lived here as well as the emptiness left after she moved out. Everything would upset him a lot. Hence, he’d rather dump this villa. However, he unconsciously drove here today. Ernest’s eyes were darkened. He started the engine again and wanted to leave. Then he glanced at the gift box with the pen on the passenger’s seat, which was given by Florence. He decided to put it in this villa as well. From now on, he didn’t need to carry it around. All those things would remind him of Florence, and he had already suffered from it once. Ernest pressed his lips and turned off the engine. With the gift box in his hands, he got off. He walked to the door of the villa step by step. His paces were heavy, and he emanated loneliness all over his body. Arriving at the door, when he was to open the lock with his fingerprint, a scene flashed through his mind naturally. It was the first time when he hanged out with her. He pretended to be drunk, so she helped him come back home in difficulty. At that time, he pulled her hand and pressed her fingerprint on this cipher lock. She was quite confused at that time. Thinking of her shy look, he still thought that she looked so adorable. However, Ernest looked at the dusty door, his eyes darkened again. The loneliness almost drowned him. He stiffed and stood motionless in front of the door for a long time. As if the scene appeared in his mind countless times and he even couldn’t recall it, he finally reached out stiffly. “Beep. ” The door was unlocked. As soon as the door was open, the musty smell from the house that had not been taken care of for a long time came to his face immediately. In the past, when Ernest was on business trips, he wouldn’t come to this villa for a long time. However, from time to time, the servants would come over and clean them. This time, why didn’t anyone come over and clean it? Ernest guessed that probably everyone had known that he dumped this villa. Depressed, Ernest strode in. When he arrived at the entrance hall, he was about to change into slippers, but he paused. He gaped at everything in the house in an extreme surprise. The decoration was completely different from what it used to be. Colorful ribbons were hanging in the house and a lot of balloons were either in the air or on the floor. The whole house was full of joy as if it were a festival. In the mid of the room, he could see a big square gift box that was quite eye-catching, on which there was a bowknot. Undoubtedly, it was a gift

Ernest wondered what they meant. His heart trembled. With the balloons, he walked out immediately

. He took out the laptop from his car and found the surveillance video of the villa gate. Sure enough, Florence had been here every day during the period that he was about to leave the hospital. With Phoebe, Florence moved big and small boxes into the house. She always stayed there for several hours before leaving. Everything inside the house was prepared by Florence for him. Ernest’s fingers were trembling. His heart seemed to have flown in mid-air on the edge of collapse, and he couldn’t feel easy at all. However, he also felt quite restless. He carefully put the three red balloons that had already sunk a bit. Then he stepped on the gas, the Lamborghini immediately roared away. In the Jenkins’ house. It was rare for Phoebe to go home. She was having lunch with her parents. “Knock. Knock. Knock. ”Heard the knocks, Phoebe teased her father, “Dad, you are super busy. Someone even comes to you during lunch time. ”“I deliberately took a day off to accompany you today. I don’t have an appointment. ”Her father was quite confused. Still, he put down the chopsticks and looked over at the door. Right then, a maid had opened the door. Looking at the handsome and elegant man, the maid was a bit surprised. Then she asked respectfully, “Good day, Sir. Who are you looking for, please?”“Phoebe Jenkins,” Ernest uttered the name coldly, his thin lips apart. His temperament was so strong that the maid dared not to ask him about his purpose. Immediately, she turned around and called, “Miss Jenkins, someone wants to see you. ”Phoebe’s father smiled. “You are wanted. ”Phoebe looked quite confused. “Who is it? I don’t remember I have an appointment. ”As she spoke, she put down her bowl and chopsticks. Before she stood up, she saw the man walking in from the door elegantly. He was in a black suit, looking gracefully and stately even brightened the whole house with honor. Phoebe was extremely surprised, wondering why Ernest wanted to see her. Moreover, he came over to her house in person!