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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 40: He Had Come Here?

“Florence, what’s wrong?” Cooper stood beside Florence and looked at her worriedly. Florence regained her presence of mind and smiled, “Nothing, maybe it’s because I’m a little bit nervous. ” “Relax, I believe in your strength. If you really can’t make it, I’ll help you. ” Cooper patted Florence’s shoulder to give her encouragement. Florence’s attention was diverted. She stopped thinking about that matter and got in the car. The accommodation for all the participants of the Ovi Fashion Design Contest was in a luxurious hotel by the sea. The whole hotel was chartered to be solely used by the participants until the finals were over. They were led by the staff to walk into the hotel lobby. When they were about to head to the elevator, they met someone head-on. Isabel. She wore a high-fashion white dress with high heels. She was wearing an intense lip colour of red and there was a stern aura all over her body. When the staff saw her, the staff immediately greeted her with a respectful smile, “Ms. Hopkins. ” “She’s Isabel?” The other two designers who came together with Florence also let out a low yell. They looked at Isabel with excitement and even admiration. “She’s really Isabel, the genius designer who became famous two years ago in one night. I don’t expect that she also participates in this contest. ” “Then we definitely don’t have a chance, but it’s our honour to compete with her. ” Isabel’s status in the design circle was like a rock star today. In competition two years ago, she managed to stand out. As if she was all the way helped by God, she became a world-famous designer within two years. Apart from that, she was admired and supported by many people. In the circle of designers, her existence was like a popular movie star. Upon seeing her, Florence frowned slightly. The past memories flashed through her mind so she did not feel good. Isabel glanced at them arrogantly and saw Florence. But, she was not surprised, as if she already knew that Florence would come. “Florence, long time no see. ” Isabel stepped on her high heels and walked towards Florence elegantly and gracefully. When Florence’s colleagues saw this, they immediately looked at Florence with envy, “You guys know each other?” Florence pursed her lips. It was far more than merely knowing each other. Isabel was a familiar person she detested very much. Isabel walked up to Florence’s front and spoke in a low voice with eyes full of mockery

She was somewhat confused as to why she came to look for her. Evelyn’s face looked bad and she spoke straight to the point. Hopkins, I’m Evelyn, the model who is invited to come here this time

. I saw you and Florence in the hall just now. It seems like you detest her very much?” “Yes. ”Isabel frankly admitted it. She never intended to hide her hostility towards Florence. Evelyn smiled in satisfaction and reached out her hand to Isabel. “I also detest Florence very much, and I know about the matter that she is two-timing. Since both of us want to defeat her, why don’t we cooperate?”“Two-timing?”Isabel raised her eyebrows with extreme interest. She was still afraid of the power of Florence’s fiancé so she did not dare to use a too obvious means to harm Florence. She was still thinking about how to defeat Florence but unexpectedly, good news took an initiative to come to find her…If Florence was really two-timing, then it was certain that the Hawkins family would no longer accept her. Without the Hawkins family as her support, Florence could be easily defeated and humiliated by her. And Florence would have no chance to become successful again. Isabel and Evelyn were planning to have a vicious action but Florence was still unaware of it. The group of people followed the staff and each went to their respective rooms. Their rooms were arranged irregularly. The distance of rooms of the other five people was not far but Florence was directly separated as there was a difference of a few floors in between her room and theirs. Cooper asked the staff with dissatisfaction, “Why does Florence have to stay on the 18th floor, I’m his assistant, I should live on the same floor as her. ”“Sorry, you guys are late so there are only a few rooms left,” the staff replied. Cooper was vexed. He still wanted to say something else but Florence smiled. “It’s okay, I’ll have to use the elevator anyway, it will be convenient for me to drop around. ”As she said, she took her luggage and intended to go to the 18th floor. Cooper took the luggage over, “Let me send you there. ”She froze and apparently looked uneasy. He added, “I’ll need to recognize the path first so that I won’t go to the wrong door when I go to find you after that. ”‘Ding’. The elevator door opened. When she was going to walk out, she surprisingly saw a familiar tall figure. It seemed like it was Ernest. He had come here?Her heartbeats suddenly quickened. She subconsciously stepped out of the elevator and walked quickly towards the man.