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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 503: He Has Changed

Stanford glanced at Phoebe’s painful expression, he added. “Come back in 10 minutes. ” Collin “…” He regretted terribly that he didn’t choke Phoebe to death just now. Phoebe disregarded Collin’s anger, she smiled and said with a grateful tone. “Thank you, Mr. Campbell, I would like durian flavored chocolate candy please. ” Collin’s lips were trembling suppressing his anger. So demanding! She deserved to die. Collin went out infuriated. His eyes met Florence’s while he was at the door. Florence got all nervous seeing him. Why did he come out? Did he smell something? She immediately stood in front of Ernest blocking Collin from seeing him. But Collin swept a glance at Ernest who was having his hand wrapped up and walked out without stopping. Seeing Florence being nervous, he comforted, “Don’t worry, Dr. Leon is a professional. ” Florence stunned, it meant he won’t intervene? Collin looked at his watch, ten minutes was a short time. “I need to go out now. ” He let out a sigh and stepped out. Florence on the other hand let out a sigh of relief looking at Collin’s back. What kind of trick Phoebe used that was able to keep Collin busy? Ernest was finally out of danger now. Although there was no maid in Collin’s house, but there were a lot outside. He summoned one to bring some candies. But the maid said, “Mr. Campbell, we have no durian flavored chocolate candies. ” Honestly, she had never heard of such a candy. Collin frowned. “Where can I get them?” “We need to search if they are selling it at the mall. ” Collin said, “Quick, and bring it to me within ten minutes. ” The maid was shocked, “Mr

He tried to remain calm and let Phoebe held his hand. Phoebe was delighted, he let her held his hand? This was hand holding!It was the first time they became so intimate, such a pleasure. She didn’t want to let go

. She tightened her grab discreetly while blushing. They could felt each other’s warmness through their palms with their racing heart. Collin watched them confusedly at one side. Couldn’t stand alone but could stand while holding hand? He had never heard of such a theory. He could sense their intimacy approaching, he almost fainted. He handed out the candy clenching his teeth. And said unhappily, “Do you still want it?” Phoebe’s heart already filled with the sweetness of holding hand with Stanford, she didn’t need candy anymore. And durian was such a heavy flavor, it would damage her reputation in front of Stanford. “No, there is a sudden sweetness in my mouth and heart. ” Stanford turned and met Phoebe’s smiley eyes, another lightning stroke him, he missed a heartbeat. This feeling made him nervous. He looked away nervously, holding her hand tightly and supporting her wrist. “Let me send you back. ” He needed to send it away, this strange feeling. Phoebe nodded. “Okay. ” She walked slowly. Stanford worried about her injuries, he kept an eye on her ankle from time to time and let her took as much time as she wanted. He frowned but was concerned. Collin watched the two of them passing in front of him, he was frozen by an extremely cold wind. Cold. Freezing. He was completely ignored. Like an invisible man. Stanford had changed. Something was wrong with him, the cold, mean and calm Stanford was gone