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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 517: He Made a Move

His sleep would be interrupted if she texted him good morning now. There was six hours difference. Florence sighed at the sun outside, kept her mobile and walked out. She was still angry with Clarence's lied last night, so she didn't wake him and went for breakfast instead. Despite he liked teasing Florence, but he promised to play along, so he had to be professional. In addition, if Ernest's identity was discovered because of his carelessness, Ernest would have him slaughtered. To stay alive, Clarence set his alarm to wake up on time despite he pulled an all-nighter yesterday. He put on his clothes and went for breakfast with his half-closed eyes. He bumped into someone on the way. Benjamin Turner. Clarence was wide awake when he saw him, he transformed into a fresh and alert young man in an instant, just like how Ernest would be. He looked at Benjamin coldly and mocked. "Mr. Turner, why are you here so early? If I'm not mistaken, you are not welcome to have breakfast with the Fraser. " His words were full of sarcasm. He was the young master of the Turner family and stayed at the Fraser's as a guest, yet had never had a meal with them. It would be kind to put it as Florence's discomfort and arranged for him to dine alone. In other words, he had no right to dine with the Fraser family. Benjamin's face stiffened and stared at Clarence coldly. "I'm leaving today, so I want to greet Mr. and Mrs. Fraser," he said. Clarence squirted his eyes and looked at him in disgust. Benjamin had been silent since last night, he even packed his belongings and seemed to be leaving for real. Clarence felt like it was the calm before the storm. Could he be scheming about something? He was about to leave but still had not acted

Clarence tried to think of a way nervously, but before he succeeded, he was there at the dead corner with Benjamin. Clarence was in tremendous fright. "Mr

. Turner, what do you want to tell me? Let's chat calmly. ""There's nothing I want to tell you. "Benjamin replied smiling, raised his hand and waved down. Clarence's eyes widened, he felt pain and passed out soon after. Benjamin watched the man collapsed in front of him coldly, he looked like a grim reaper. He ordered, "Collect his mobile and everything on his body, go as planned. ""Yes. "Two men in black appeared from the corner suddenly, they put Clarence into a black bag and moved him away. Benjamin smiled viciously. This was the consequence of kicking him out!He tidied his suit and walked towards the dining room casually. All the Fraser gathered for breakfast at the same time every morning, everyone was present except Clarence. Florence frowned looking at the empty seat next to her. Such an unreliable bastard!It must be the coffee last night that kept him awake all night long and overslept today. She should not have had trusted him, she should have woke him up and came for breakfast together. What excuse could she make now?They were inseparable yesterday but not coming for breakfast together today. Florence felt not convinced herself. She hesitated whether to call and woke him up. Presently, an unwelcome figure appeared. His appearance turned the atmosphere cold. Stanford's face stiffened and said coldly, "Mr. Turner, what are you doing here?"