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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 245: He Should Also Have Given up

Hesitating for a while, she finally sat on another couch, reached out to the paper bag, and opened it. As soon as she saw the neatly placed books in there, she was completely startled. Weren’t those the books that she was reading in the afternoon? She had planned to continue reading them tomorrow morning, but much to her surprise, Ernest took them to her. “We’re not supposed to borrow the books from the mini-library, are we?” Ernest took a sip of the wine and answered flatly, “I’m the CEO. ” All the books in there belonged to him. If he really wanted to take out any of them, who could stop him? Florence was rendered speechless. His words indeed made sense. If the rich acted willfully, she couldn’t retort at all. However, he had the heart to deliver all the books to her and this made Florence moved. She recalled that he was reading one of them in the afternoon. Being polite, she asked, “Don’t you want to finish reading that one?” Ernest answered calmly, “I’ve finished reading it already. ” Florence was so surprised at his speed. In the mini-library, she had only finished half of her book. His book and hers were referencing each other and he stopped at almost the same part when she stopped. However, during dinner time, Ernest had finished reading it already. How could it be possible? Florence thought that he must have lied to her to unease her. Upon realizing it, Florence became more embarrassed. “I’ll finish reading them as fast as I can. ” As she spoke, Florence browsed the books in the paper bag. Sure enough, besides the book that Ernest was reading earlier, there was the book that she was reading in the afternoon. Those two books were supplemental to each other. It would be appropriate to read them both together. “How about you read this book first? After I finish reading mine, I’ll exchange it with you. ” In that case, she wouldn’t waste much of his time. After Ernest had finished reading his current book and then read the other one, it would be easy for him to understand all the points. Ernest looked at Florence, still remaining seated elegantly. He didn’t take the book. “I can wait for you to finish. ” His tone was calm, just like the sound of the brook running through the valley. The syllables fell on her heart one by one. Although he said he would wait for her to finish reading, his implication was more than that as if he would be waiting for her instead, which made her heart hammer. Florence felt so uneasy. She looked away to dodge Ernest’s eyes. “Thank you. I’ll send them to you after finishing reading them. ” “Okay. ” Ernest nodded without speaking anything else. He naturally put down the goblet, stood up, and walked out of her suite gracefully

Since both books referenced each other and Ernest had folded the pages of similar content, Florence read pretty fast. Gradually, she concentrated on her study fully without thinking about anything else. “Beep

. Beep. Beep. ”Suddenly her phone vibrated in the quiet room. Florence frowned unhappily for being interrupted. Picking up the phone, she saw the caller ID was Phoebe. Thinking of something, she became spiritual and swiped to answer immediately. “Hello, Phoebe. Have you bought the ticket for the fashion show?”There was another purpose for Florence to stay in Riverside City -- to join the magnificent fashion show held in town. There would be a lot of designers and their works from all over the world, and she would definitely learn a lot from them besides enjoying the event. On the other end of the phone, Phoebe’s voice sounded a bit disappointed. “I’m sorry, Flory. The tickets for this event are quite limited but there are so many audiences. It’s more difficult to buy it comparing to buying the VIP tickets for those famous singers’ concerts. I’ve spent a lot of effort but failed to get one. ”Florence was taken aback. This was indeed out of her expectation. She didn’t buy the tickets herself but instead asked Phoebe because Phoebe would have more means and channels to get the ticket than she could. Florence thought that probably Phoebe could make it. Much to her surprise, she still had underestimated the popularity of this fashion show. Even Phoebe failed to buy the ticket. “Flory, please don’t worry. I’ll contact my network to see if I can buy a ticket. Besides, if you would miss this opportunity, there will be other chances in the future,” Phoebe comforted her in a low voice. Florence appreciated her kindness. She forced a smile and said, “I know, Phoebe. Thank you so much. I’ll treat you for dinner after I go back. ”“Okay. See you when you come back. I know you want to attend this fashion show so much, but don’t push yourself too hard,” Phoebe comforted her for a few more words before hanging up. Putting down her cell phone, Florence was like a deflated ball, collapsing on the sofa weakly. She had been longing to attend this fashion show for a long time, but now she didn’t have a chance.