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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 318: He Takes a Bite and Then She Takes a Bite

Ernest zoned out as he looked at her. This woman had really taken care of him meticulously these few days. She was so considerate that it made him who had originally given up regain hope. He reached out and grabbed her small hand that was scooping peanuts. Florence looked up at him and hurriedly explained, “After I scoop all the peanuts out, you’ll be able to eat it. Don’t mind, okay. It’ll take quite some time to cook this porridge. You’ll be starving if you wait for the next bowl of porridge to be served. ” “You’re so afraid that I’ll be starving?” “Of course! You’re a patient. ” Ernest's eyes narrowed, “I’m also afraid that you’ll be starving. ” Florence froze abruptly. Her entire body felt as if she had been given an electric shock. Was Ernest flirting with her? It was too unbearable as his words were too warm. Oh, she might not be able to hold back herself. Looking at Florence’s cheeks that were as red as an apple, Ernest pursed his lips and smiled. He grabbed Florence’s little hand and stuffed the scoop with porridge and peanuts into Florence’s mouth. The warm porridge reached her mouth and it tasted really good. Her stomach that had been empty all morning was instantly even hungrier. Florence was surprised, “What are you doing? I’m not hungry?” She wanted to refuse but Ernest held her hand and scooped another spoonful of porridge. There were no peanuts on the spoonful of porridge as they had been scooped away just now. So, he moved it to his mouth and ate it. “You eat if there are peanuts, I eat if there are no peanuts. ” In this way, there would not be any wastage and they also did not need to be hungry. It was a good way, but… Florence looked at that spoon and her cheeks blushed even more. He took a bite and then she took a bite and it was even the same spoon. This was even more intimate than indirect kissing. Timothy, who was on the side, was already covering his face as he could not look at the scene anymore. Had anyone ever considered his feelings as a bachelor? They were so lovey-dovey so he really could not hold back anymore. They could be so lovey-dovey even though they were just eating porridge, did they have a limit?! Florence blushed while eating half a bowl of the porridge. She was full. Originally, she should only eat the layer that had peanuts on it. However, whenever Ernest scooped, a few peanuts would always fall, resulting in her having to eat another spoonful. To be like this back and forth, she eventually became the one who ate the most. She somewhat suspected that Ernest deliberately did it

Hmm, they were all men so it was apparently not so good for her to keep looking at them. The doctors were questioned just now and now, they were threatened by Ernest with cold gazes. They instantly wished that they could die

. Why was it so difficult to be a doctor now? Florence turned her eyes away and shook her head, “Are they the best professional doctors in the world?” Ernest could immediately understand what was Florence thinking. His lips could not help but curl. He said, “Yes. ” Florence frowned and asked again, “Then is anyone of them specializing in rehabilitation?” Ernest raised his eyes and glanced at the doctors, “Is there?”The doctors were speechless. Ms. Fraser was really doubting their skills. They felt that they were immensely wronged. But, they still had to answer respectfully, “There is no doctor who specializes in rehabilitation among us. ”“Then…can I find a doctor who specializes in rehabilitation?”Florence turned her head to look at Ernest and said. She had found out every reason. Perhaps it was because the doctors were not good. Seeing Florence’s look, Ernest’s lips curled even more. He nodded readily. “Alright, I’ll ask Timothy to handle it. ”Only then did Florence feel a little more at ease. In the afternoon, the doctor who specialized in rehabilitation took a flight from abroad and quickly joined the medical team that was treating Ernest. Florence was very serious as she read all the information about this doctor in the past. The doctor was indeed outstanding and talented. However, Ernest’s recovery speed was still considered quite slow. Florence even saw that the patient in the ward downstairs who was having a similar injury with Ernest was already ready to be discharged but Ernest’s recovery speed was still as slow as a snail. What the hell was going on? Could it be that Ernest’s body was actually out of shape?The more Florence thought about it, the more worried she was. So, she secretly called Collin. “Yo, my Flory. Aren’t you taking care of Ernest at his elbow, why do you remember to call me?” Collin teased. Florence was a little embarrassed. So many days had passed and she was taking care of Ernest every day. She had promised to treat Collin to a meal but she had not. Now, she had to trouble Collin again. “Well…there is something that I need your help with, are you free?”“Since you look for me, I must certainly be free at any time. ”Collin smiled brightly, “Just say, what is it?”“Ernest has been awake for so many days but his recovery speed from his injuries is nearly twice as slow as normal and the doctors don’t have any solution. I’m worried if there’s something else wrong with him, can you come to take a look?”