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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 92: He Was a Fake One, Right?

Florence took a deep breath and tried hard to suppress the turbulent emotions in her heart. She then turned her head to look out of the window and ignored Ernest. Although their legs were so close to each other’s, since Gemma was sitting in the passage seat, she couldn’t notice it, right? As a matter of fact, Gemma did have not noticed the abnormal contact of their legs, but she noticed that Ernest was staring at Florence softly and there was gentleness that caused her to be jealous in his eyes. She had been dreaming of Ernest looking at her in such manner. Nevertheless, Ernest had never given her such treatment. But Florence easily got what she had longed for from him. Was it because she came back late? But how could she accept this? She was Ernest’s childhood sweetheart and they grew up together. Moreover, in order to stay by his side, after being refused by Ernest, she hided all her feelings for her and simply stayed by his side as a friend. She once thought that as Ernest was so cold and indifferent, there would not be the other woman by his side in the future. And even if she was just his friend, she would be his only female friend… The place that Ernest took Florence to was a remote town in City N. The town was still undeveloped and remained primitive. As soon as they arrived, a chubby middle-aged man walked over and greeted them ingratiatingly. "Mr. Hawkins, I am the mayor of our town, welcome! We’ve prepared some refreshments and snacks, please come with me and take a rest. " Florence looked at the man who addressed himself as the mayor of the town in surprise, and then turned her head to look at Ernest. So Ernest came here with a purpose to develop this town? Ernest curled his thin lips into a line. He didn’t reply and showed no intention to follow the mayor to have a rest. Timothy took a step forward and said to the mayor, "Mr. Hawkins’ time is limited, please take us to see Collin directly. " "Okay. " The mayor said with a smile, and led the way towards the other direction, "Mr. Hawkins, this way, please. " Ernest turned his head and looked in Florence's direction, suggesting Florence to follow him, but was surprised to see Florence standing next to Timothy at some point. She was a little far away from him. Ernest slightly furrowed his brows. Was this woman unaware that she was his fiancée? "Florence, come here. " Florence looked at Ernest in confusion, "What’s the matter?" "Walk beside me. " Florence subconsciously looked towards Gemma who was standing beside Ernest. The two of them looked like a good match for each other when they were walking together. If she walked beside them, wasn’t it inappropriate for two women walking together with one man? Moreover, she was still the superfluous one. Florence shook her head decisively, "I'm fine here

So far, I haven’t seen a person who managed to persuade him to treat the patient. " He came here with the purpose of living in seclusion. Then he simply carried out this principle and refused to treat patients again

. The mayor was also clear in heart that probably Ernest’s visit to Collin today would also be in vain. He simply hoped that this powerful president would not vent his anger on the town, which would definitely impede its development if this happened. Ernest seemed not to care about this matter. He pursed his lips remaining silent and just strode forward. He looked quite composed. Maybe it was because he was confident in it, or because he didn’t give it a shit. Florence, however, became very curious about Collin. What kind of a person he was? His temper was so unique!Florence thought that he must be an old man with a white beard and wretched disposition. They followed the mayor and arrived at a particularly ordinary farmhouse after walking for a long while. It looked like the two-story houses of other villages and was so ordinary that no one would think that a legendary talented doctor was living in it when seeing it. The mayor walked forward and knocked on the door, "Collin, someone is looking for you. "It was quiet and no one responded. The mayor seemed to have been used to it. He persistently knocked on the door, "The one who comes to visit you are your deemed to your guest. At least you should come out to meet them; otherwise, they will keep waiting at your door. Is not appropriate, right?"This is the mayor's usual trick. Collin detested noises, and if others kept waiting outside the door, they would keep knocking on the door, which was quite annoying to him. And if he came out, he would be able to drive them away with several words. Therefore, after a while, the door was opened from inside. They saw a young man wearing a white T-shirt standing at the door. He looked not more than thirty years only and appeared to be quite lazy and casual. He slightly closed his eyes, as if he had not yet woken up. Florence looked at him and spit out a question without thinking, "Is he Collin's son?""I don't have a son yet. " The man lazily leaned against the door. Florence was stunned and looked at the man in disbelief. The legendary doctor turned out to be such a young man who looked so lazy. He was the fake one, right?