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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 8: He Was Here to Get Even

The whole company was competing openly this time, but the only rookie who had the guts to take part was Florence. Although her circumstances were unpromising, Madison appreciated Florence’s courage; hence she was more concerned about Florence. “Florence, where is your design draft?” Elaine stood in place rigidly as she held her draft tightly in her hand, and she was devastated. Elise had ruined her opportunity. She walked to Madison and handed out her design draft reluctantly. “Director, could you give me another half an hour? I’ll redraw a copy. ” Madison frowned looking at her design draft that was ruined. “If it was before, I could have given you some extra time. However, today is the first day the new president will be taking over the office. He will personally decide the winner of this competition, so the time must not be delayed. ” Madison said helplessly. She patted Florence’s shoulder and comforted her, “You’re still young, let’s wait for the next chance. I’ll have to cancel your qualification this time. ” “But. ” Florence tried to ask Madison for another chance, but Elise interrupted her words. She squeezed Florence out and stood close to Madison. “Madison, a new president is taking over? Why so sudden? I’ve never heard any rumor about this before. ” “I’ve just received the news too. I heard that a big shot bought our company last night. ” Everyone present was extremely surprised when they heard about it. This company was a first-tier big company, which big shot had such an ability to purchase the company in just one night? It was too unbelievable. Somebody couldn’t help but ask, “So, who’s the new president?” “We’ll know later, he will personally see the winner after this. You guys have to work hard. ” Madison paused for a moment and smiled, “Oh right, I heard he is a young man, and is extremely handsome too. ” The new president was not just a young and handsome man; he was wealthy and had great power too. He was indeed a man that every woman wanted in City N. Elise’s eyes brightened slightly. She must be the first this time. In the future, she would be responsible to design clothes for the president, and they would definitely have the chance to interact. This could be an excellent opportunity for her. Madison asked everyone to wait as she left with the design drafts. Compared with other designers who were nervous and excited, it was obvious that Florence felt dejected

” “Elise, are you mad and ashamed that you’ve lost to a little rookie?” Florence smiled sarcastically. She wasn’t afraid of Elise, because no matter what she did, Elise would still make things difficult for her. Elise stamped her feet with anger and looked maliciously at Florence

. Florence ignored her gaze and went to the president’s office at the highest level of the building with Madison. She was a little nervous when she stood outside the door. Although the president selected her work this time, she was also curious of why she was chosen. It was definitely not because her ruined design was outstanding. “Knock, knock!”Florence raised her hand and gently knocked on the door. “Come in. ”The man in the office said with a deep tone. She found his hoarse voice very attractive and mesmerizing. It sounded a little familiar. Where had she heard it before?Florence thought about it, but she couldn’t recall who he was, so she opened the office door. When she walked in, she saw a man standing in front of the French window. The light outside the window shined brightly on him, like a dazzling layer of gold. He was a noble and elegant man, with a little sense of coldness. Even if she could only see his back, Florence couldn’t help but feel astonished. It was more certain to her that he would have good looking face. “President, I’m Florence. ”Florence stopped her step five meters away and stood stiffly. The man slowly turned around and looked at Florence straight in the eyes. He walked towards Florence with his long legs. She felt oppressed as he slowly approached her. Florence took a step back. She didn’t expect that the man waiting here would be Ernest. “What are you doing here?”She didn’t want to believe that he was the new president and her immediate superior too. Ernest approached Florence step by step. Whenever she stepped back, he would take a step further, until she couldn’t retreat anymore. He slightly lowered his head and stared intensely at her. “Why did you run away last night?”It was obvious, that he was here to get even with her.