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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 422: He Was Shocked and Touched

Stanford hadn’t expected that Florence would suddenly run towards Ernest, yet he had triggered the gun and it was too late to retreat it. At that critical moment, he couldn’t only move the gun aside. The bullet deviated from its course, yet it still swooshed towards Florence and Ernest. Stanford stared blankly at the direction of the bullet and could only see it swooshing towards Florence. But out of his surprised, he saw Ernest rush towards Florence without hesitation and protected her with his own body. The body inserted into somewhere. Florence felt no pain from her body, but her heart wrenched and missed one beat. The bullet didn’t hit her, but did it mean that it hit Ernest. “How’s you, please, Ernest, please, tell me, how’s you?” Florence burst into crying. She grabbed Ernest’s cloth tremblingly and looked towards him with her blurry eyes. She looked very flustered. Ernest raised his hand to wipe away her tear. He shook his head and smiled. “I’m fine. ” Ernest pointed at the wall when speaking. Two bullets were inserted in the wall in parallel, “Look, the bullets are in the wall. ” When seeing that the bullets were really in the wall, Florence, who had been highly strung up, finally heaved a sigh of relief. “I’m scared. Awww… You scared me. ” Ernest put his big palm on Florence’s back and patted her gently to calm her down. He comforted her in a soft voice, “I’m fine. It’s all past. ” Stanford’s expression was hideous. He looked at Ernest with complicated emotions in his eyes. He was shocked and it looked like he couldn’t believe this. He was the one to trigger the gun and naturally he was so clear that Ernest almost died just now. If it wasn’t that the bullet deviated from it course and that Ernest rushed towards Florence so abruptly, the bullet should have his Ernest. But when Ernest ran towards Florence, he didn’t foresee that the bullet would deviate from its course under that pressing situation. Ernest protected Florence at the cost of his life. Stanford couldn’t believe that Ernest would do that for Florence, but it really happened just now. He was so shocked

“Don’t come over. Although you’re my brother, I will still hit you if you come over again. ” Florence said in a fierce tone

. She bore great resentment and anger towards Stanford now and she really had an impulse to vent her anger on him and give him a hard blow. Dare him to trigger his gun randomly! Stanford pressed his thin lips. He didn’t stop; instead, he strode towards Florence. The distance between them became shorter and shorter. “Don’t… Don’t come over. I will hit you! I will really hit you!”Florence raised the vase high and pretended that she would hit Stanford again and again. But she didn’t really hit him until Stanford stood in front of her. Stanford reached out to take the vase from her and casually put it aside. With her “weapon” being taken away, Florence seemed to lose all her pretense. She stared at Stanford and said stubbornly, “Anyway, I will not give way to you. Even if you chase him now, he must have escaped and you can’t catch him. ”“I see. ”Florence hadn’t expected that Stanford simply gave her a short answer in a low voice, showing no intention to open the window. He then grabbed Florence’s wrist and stared at her wound that was still bleeding with gloominess in his eyes. “Does it hurt?”Florence was dumbfounded. She looked at Stanford with shock and only came to her own sense after a long while. With gloominess written all over his face, Stanford pulled Florence to the sofa and forced her to sit down without saying anything. He then walked to the medical kit and then dealt with Florence’s wound in an experienced manner. Florence looked at him dumbly and asked tentatively, “Stanford, you give up chasing Ernest?”Stanford simply pressed his lips together. He didn’t answer the question. His handsome face looked gloomy and Florence couldn’t read his mind. She still felt flustered and asked again, “You allow Ernest to leave just now, does it mean that you will not go hard with him again?”A trace of light flashed across his eyes. He gripped the medical kit tightly and almost crumbed it. With a touch of complicated emotions in his eyes, he said in a low, dangerous voice, “It’s because of you that he can walk out of the house alive. But I won’t let go of him easily next time I see him. ”He gritted his teeth and squeezed the words from between his teeth. He almost killed Ernest with the gun just now, and now he said that he would not let go of Ernest easily next time. Did it mean that he would really kill him next time?