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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 155: He Was So Gentle, But Was It Her Illusion?

Charlotte felt frightened out of instinct. She was secretly watching them outside the old factory back then and had witnessed how Ernest kicked that man into the air. After being kicked, the man could not stand to his feet any longer… She heard that several of his bones were broken. Ernest not only had an imposing aura, but also had thrilling strength. Charlotte didn’t dare to challenge his patience at the moment and simply nodded her head and softly closed the door and left. Ernest, who was sitting by the bedside, fixed his eyes on Florence who was in sound sleep and simply let her hold his hand. After a long while, Florence’s eyelash slightly shivered and she gradually woke up. When she saw the familiar ceiling and realized that she was now in Ernest’s room, she felt relieved. Then she saw Ernest’s handsome face. He was sitting by the bedside and staring at her gently. Florence was absent-minded at the moment. He had never seen gentleness in Ernest’s eyes. Could it be that she had cerebral concussion after the crush and was now having an illusion? Seeing that Florence was in a daze, Ernest slightly knitted his brows, “Are you still feeling uncomfortable now?” His low voice immediately pulled Florence back to reality. It was really Ernest. She shifted her gaze onto him again. He still looked handsome and his expressions were as usual. He was just staring at her without any reserve. She must have a hallucination just now, right? Florence didn’t think over this question anymore. She shook her head but only to find that her head was aching. She said, “I’m a bit thirsty. ” “I will pour a glass of water for you. ” Ernest immediately wanted to stand up, but as Florence was holding his hand, his movement was stopped. The all looked towards their hands that were entwined tightly. Florence was holding his hand tightly. Oh gosh, she had been grabbing his hand? His hand even reddened… Florence’s face immediately turned red. She immediately released his hand and looked quite unease. Ernest pressed his lips together. He didn’t care about the red mark around his wrist at all and stood to his feet to pour water for Florence. He came back with a cup of warm water after a short while

Nevertheless, Florence, who had been in sound sleep, suddenly acted like losing the sense of security and slightly knitted her brows. Ernest went to the living room after leaving the bedroom. Right at this moment, Georgia, Brianna as well as Florence’s foster parents, Melissa and Nicholas, were waiting in the living room anxiously

. Nicholas hurriedly stood to his feet when seeing Ernest walking downstairs. “Ernest, how’s Flory? Is her injure serious? Did she wake up?” “She woke up just now, and fell asleep again. ”Ernest gave him a concise and comprehensive answer, implying that Florence had fallen asleep again and they could not come upstairs to bother her. Melissa became impatient too and asked, “How’s her physical condition?”“There are so wounds and they have been treated. It will take some time to heal her wounds. ”When mentioning about this, Ernest’s gaze turned cold, which added some traces of aloofness and seriousness to his nobility. Although Nicholas had recognized Ernest as his son-in-law-to-be, he was still respectful towards him. He pondered for a while and said, “We want to see Florence by ourselves, to see whether if she’s good. Can we stay here?”Since Florence had slept for a long while before, it wouldn’t take too long for her to wake up again. Hence, Ernest nodded his head, “Okay. ”Nicholas and Melissa looked at each other and all of them heaved a sigh of relief. Georgia, who was sitting on the sofa, had a solemn look on her wrinkled face and said sternly and queenly, “Have you found out those rascals’ backgrounds? Did they catch Flory deliberately?”Ernest replied expressionlessly, “According to what they have found out, their action was unintentional. They are some fugitives and have been hiding in that small store. They kidnapped a girl several days ago and it seems like Florence accidently stepped into their territory this time. ”Although Ernest was stating that it was not a contrived accident, he had clearly expressed his resolution to investigate into this case thoroughly. It looked like an uncontrived criminal, but he would find out what had happened. If this accident was a scheme against Florence, he would definitely discover it. When hearing his words, Charlotte, who was sitting on the sofa, changed her expression slightly and subconsciously clenched her fists that were put on her thighs. However, no one had noticed her movements. Georgia said in a stern voice, “I won’t let go of these rascals easily. Even if we won’t kill them, they will receive severe punishment. How dare them to hurt Florence!”If it was not because she had confidence in Ernest’s capability, Georgia would have punished those rascals in person. If something really happed to Florence tonight…She couldn’t imagine the consequence!Ernest pressed his lips and didn’t say anything. Even if Georgia didn’t say these, he would still give those men severe punishments.