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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 266: He Was So Jealous

Ernest didn’t mind what reaction Tina would have at all. He held up Florence’s hand and stood up. His handsome face looked cold when he strode towards outside. “Let’s go. ” Florence was pulled up from the sofa. She was bewildered. What was going on? They came here to have a meal, but Ernest wanted to leave before they could have a taste of the dishes. Moreover, Florence knew Ernest well. If he hadn’t decided to sign the contract, he would not come to this appointment today. But now that he was here, why did he suddenly change his mind and decide not to sign the contract? Like Florence, Tina was also perplexed. Not having the mood to care about other matters, Tina hurriedly stood up and ran towards Ernest in high heels and then blocked his way. “Mr. Hawkins, I don’t understand why you suddenly decided not to sign the contract. Can you please give me an explanation?” Ernest furrowed his brows and a trace of impatience flashed across his eyes. He gazed at Tina coldly and said as if a reasonable and natural thing, “You displeased Florence. ” Tina was dumbfounded as if she had gotten a head-on blow and she felt dizzy. She was so stunned that she was lost for words. It was simply because she displeased Florence? Such a simple reason? The two companies, which all had excessively large scales, began the negotiation of this collaboration several months ago and this involved the interests of many parties and aspects. Otherwise, Ernest would not come to the meal to sign the contract in person. However, simply because of Florence, Ernest gave up such a big collaboration without a second thought? So a contract worthy of several billions was not comparable to Florence? Just because she was a bit unhappy, Ernest actually gave up the contract! Tina staggered and took two steps backwards and then knocked herself onto the edge of the table. Then there came a loud sound. Tina was in a trance as her mind had totally gone blank. She felt like a gush of blood was stuck in her chest and she felt so painful and uncomfortable. She couldn’t imagine what would happen to her career if the collaboration was cancelled because of her. It was so cruel for her that she fell from heaven down to the hell. She regretted it. She shouldn’t have coveted Ernest and shouldn’t have vented her anger on Florence even if she was envious of her. Only now did she realize that she could be forgiven if she offended Ernest, but the consequence of offending his beloved woman was horrible. Ernest didn’t have any interest in Tina and directly left the restaurant together with Florence

Reynold was in a wine-red business suit and looked exquisite from top to toe and it looked like he was going to attend a partly. He strode towards Florence, “Florence, you’re finally back. I’ve been waiting for you for a long while

. ”As he was walking towards her, only when he came closer did he realize that Ernest was by her side. Judging from Ernest’s dressing, apparently he came back from a party. He must have been to the fashion show together with Florence!Reynold seemed to realize something and became flustered. He asked in shock, “You two went to the fashion show together?”“Yes. ” Florence nodded her head and answered. Reynold felt a chill from top to toe as if someone splashed a basin of water on his head. He had used many tricks, but he hadn’t expected that Ernest would take advantage of his tricks and accompanied Florence to the fashion show. But he himself had a traffic jam and lost the chance to accompany Florence. Reynold felt so upset. Florence noticed the change of Reynold’s expressions. Seeing that he was so upset, she asked in confusion, “Mr. Myron, what’s the problem? Are you alright?”Reynold shook his head, still feeling upset. Florence involuntarily recalled that Reynold didn’t come to her as agreed, nor did he answer her call or reply her message. Could it be that something happened to him?Florence asked with concern, “Mr. Myron, what happened? You can tell me and maybe I can help you. I feel worried when seeing you acting like this. ”Reynold’s eyes lit up when he heard Florence’s words. Florence was worrying about him. The gloominess on his face was relieved. He gazed at Florence enthusiastically, “I feel really sorry for letting you worry about me. ”Although he was apologizing to her, he said that with a bright smile. Ernest, who was standing beside, immediately pulled a long face. He felt that Reynold who was indulged in his complacence was really unpleasant to eyes. Florence was worrying about him? She was worrying about the other man?A gush of anger burned in his chest and Ernest even wanted to kill Reynold at the moment