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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 186: He Was Waiting for Her

In the company. After Ernest finished his meeting, there was still an hour left for him to knock off. It was just the right time for Florence to do the modeling. Ernest went directly to the stylist after the meeting was dismissed. He also asked Timothy to check what Florence was doing. If she was not busy, he could take her to the dressing room directly. Anthony had been waiting in the dressing room a long time ago. Seeing Ernest coming in, he raised the goblet in his hands to Ernest. “Happy birthday, birthday man. ” “Thank you. ” Ernest’s mood was obviously quite good. He sat on a sofa casually. Anthony raised his eyebrows and looked behind him. “Hasn’t Florence come yet?” He was waiting here for doing the hair and makeup for Florence. As for Ernest, he was a man, so he didn’t need to do something so delicate. Besides, based on Ernest’s handsome face, something simple would be enough. Ernest nodded. He picked up a goblet of wine and had a taste. Anthony checked the door again. For the time being, nobody was seen over there. With a smile, he teased, “Ernest, all through the years, this is the first time I’ve seen you holding a birthday party for yourself, and you’ve made it so grand. What’s your plan?” “What do you think?”Ernest asked casually. He took a sip of the wine, and a slight arc was shown at the corners of his mouth. Anthony’s guess had been confirmed. He couldn’t help but heave a sigh. “TSK. TSK. Sure enough, it’s for Florence. Although the engagement ceremony was grand as well, only the family and relatives of the Hawkins family attended. For your birthday banquet this time, you’ve invited all people in the upper-class of City N. I guess you’re planning to formally introduce Florence to all of them. ” Online and in the private, there were crazy rumors about his relationship with Florence. Even there was some news about preparing their wedding on the Hawkins family’s side. However, his relationship with Florence hadn’t be announced officially for even just once. Ernest wanted to give Florence everything undisputed. “Crick crack. Crick crack. ” Some footsteps were heard on the corridor outside. Ernest’s hand holding the goblet paused. He looked in the direction of the door, his eyes filled with some expectation. As the footsteps got closer, a man’s figure appeared at the door. Timothy came in, looking quite solemn. However, there was nobody following him. With a trace of disappointment in his heart, Ernest looked up at Timothy, and his sharp sights were with doubts. Timothy felt a sense of guilt. After hesitating for a while, he said, “Mr. Hawkins, I went to the design department, but they said that Ms

He pulled out his phone and called Florence. “Beep. Beep

. Beep. ” There were only beeps on the phone, but nobody answered the phone when he waited until the phone was automatically hung up. Ernest stared at the dark screen of the cell phone, lost in thought. He could tell that Florence was unwilling to attend the banquet this morning. She had to agree later and was also required to come here for work. He wondered if she stood him up and ran away. At the thought of it, Ernest looked more annoyed. Clenching his fingers tightly, he even pinched his phone to broken. Timothy felt thrilled when watching aside. Subconsciously, he took a few steps back to distance himself from Ernest, so that he wouldn’t become the person whom Ernest would vent his anger on. Anthony also frowned. Ernest spent a lot of effort planning this banquet mainly for Florence. However, the heroine tonight was gone. He couldn’t help blaming Florence for such a wise decision. Although he felt unhappy, he didn’t think Florence was such a kind of person after they had got along with each other during these days. With a hesitation, Anthony said, “Since Florence agreed, she must come here. How about let’s go to the banquet first and wait for her there. ”“It’s almost time for the banquet, Mr. We must go there,” Timothy reminded in a weak tone. Ernest stood straight beside the window, emanating coldness. He cared so much about this banquet because he cared about Florence. But now, Florence disappeared, and he had also lost interest in this banquet. However, he still had to go there. And Florence. Ernest stared at the downstairs for a long while. Then he pulled out his cell phone, typed some words, and sent the address of the banquet to Florence through the text message. Looking at the message sending alert, he was lost in thought. He wondered if she would come. --Upon hearing Phoebe’s words, Florence finally understood what was going on. She got why Ernest would deliberately order such a valuable dress for her, asked her to have one day off, and he cared so much about this banquet. But she simply left the company without even informing him. Florence felt extremely guilty. Hurriedly, she pulled out her cell phone and was about to call Ernest. When she turned on the phone, she saw a missed call and a text message. Both were from Ernest. Immediately, she tabbed the text message to read -- there was an address on it: Sadler Manor. It was supposed to be the address of the banquet tonight. She wondered if Ernest meant that he would be waiting for her at the banquet. Florence immediately stood up. She said to Phoebe, “Please excuse me, Phoebe. I have to leave now. May I ask the nurse to take care of you for the time being, please?”