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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 132: He Will Come with Her?

Ernest never spotted her. What’s worse, he seemed to be dissatisfied with her now and would drive her out of the villa at any time. But how could she give up in this way? Her purpose was to marry into the Hawkins family and become a rich lady in the place of Florence. Florence had no idea about what Charlotte was scheming in heart. She came to the garment area due to occupational habit and intended to see the styles that were trending in the season. When they were going shopping, a robbery happened in the shopping mall. A man rushed towards them and knocked into Florence. Florence felt like her shoulders were dislocated under the impact. She uncontrollably stepped back and was about to fall down on to the ground. The floor was made of marble and if she fell down with such force, it would hurt so much. Florence thought that she was so unlucky. She closed her eyes sulkily and waited for the sharp pain. But it didn’t come as her imagination and she fell into a man’s broad and warm embrace. She could smell the man’s aroma and it felt comfortable. She also felt it familiar. Florence looked up and saw Cooper. He looked young, handsome, positive and charming. “Are you alright?” Cooper’s gaze towards Florence was so soft and gentle. Florence shook her head and left his embrace, “I’m fine. It’s just a collision. Thanks to you, otherwise, I would have fallen down onto the ground. ” Cooper smiled, “Looks like that we’re destined. I arrived so timely. ” “That’s it. ” Florence was also in a good mood after coming across him here. Charlotte, who was standing aside, studied Cooper from top to down. She acutely noticed that Cooper’s gaze towards Florence was weird. Therefore, she walked forward and asked, “Sister, who’s he?” “He’s my friend Cooper. ” Florence then turned her head to Cooper and introduced, “She’s my younger sister Charlotte. ” “Oh, turns out that you’re her sister. Nice to meet you. ” Cooper reached out his hand gentlemanly and let out a charming and amiable smile. What a handsome hunk. Charlotte uncontrollably felt jealous. Florence was just an adopted daughter of her family, but why hunks like Ernest and Cooper all had crush on her? After a round of introduction, Cooper looked at Florence and said to her, “It’s time for dinner, let’s have dinner together. There’s a wonderful crayfish restaurant here. The food there is extremely delicious

He had taken care of her in many aspects and she regarded him as a friend. So Florence nodded her head, “Okay, book a table in the restaurant and send me the address later. ” “Okay

. I will wait for you. ” Cooper finally felt relieved. He gazed at Florence delightedly and there was obvious gentleness in his eyes. But Florence didn’t notice it. She checked the time again and then waved her hand to farewell to Cooper. “Then see you tomorrow. I will come back first. ” It would be time for dinner when she came back. Florence hoped that there would not be a traffic jam. Cooper watched Florence’s leaving gently and softly. Charlotte followed Florence and secretly looked back at Cooper. A touch of wicked and scheming smile flashed across his eyes. She was stuck for not being able to find out a breakthrough on Ernest, now she got an opportunity. …On the next day, when it was going to be the dinner time, Charlotte came to Florence. “Sister, you can come to have dinner with your friend. It will be inappropriate if you’re too late. I can help Ernest with his dinner, like ladling the soup. ”Charlotte had been acting obediently during these two days and didn’t do anything annoying again. She was like a transparent person in the villa. Although Ernest still ignored her, nothing happened again. Florence pondered for a while and thought that it was just a meal and she didn’t have to stay by Ernest’s side. Moreover, Charlotte would help him. When thinking of this, Florence nodded her head, “I will tell Ernest. ”Ernest was dealing with some business affairs in the study. When seeing Florence, he put down the documents and fixed his eyes on her. He teased, “What’s the matter? Are you missing me?”It was not the time for dinner, but she came into the study at this point of time. Apparently, she was not coming to call him to have dinner. Florence’s cheeks turned slightly red. This man became more and more uninhibited when saying these teasing words. She stood at a place not far away from him and said, “My friend ask me to have dinner together, so I want to go out. ”This was the way how she talked to him and it seemed like they were a couple who were living together. Ernest was in a good mood, “I’ll come with you. ”Florence was a bit stunned. What? He wanted to come with her? What was it? Then counted he be counted as a family she brought?