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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 211: He Won’t Let Go Until She Promise

Ernest looked into her dark and clear eyes. The certainty in them seemed to be a clear stream that gently washed his anger away. When Florence saw that his anger had subsided a little, she caught the opportunity, “Please let me go first, Mr Hawkins. It hurts. Besides, we are in public. ” Some people passing by stared at them many times. How could Ernest ever care about other people’s opinion? He softly relaxed his big palm without letting her go and warned, “Stay away from him from now on. The man who sends a lady home in the middle of the night can never be a gentleman. ” His words formed a domineering command and it even contained a sense of threat. It was as if he would not let go if she refused it. This fact chilled her heart for one second. In her impression, it seemed that Ernest had sent her home many times. Mr Hawkins, did it mean that you are not innocent either? Indeed, Florence didn’t dare to speak it out loud. She smiled awkwardly and nodded, “Well, Mr Hawkins, you should let me go. ” Ernest’s anger seemed to largely dissipate with her promise, though he couldn’t bear the way she called him. He said, “Call me something else from now on. ” “What do you mean?” “Don’t get it?” Ernest approached her again, his body intimately clinging to hers. Florence instantly felt a warm blush rising to her cheeks. With only a few days, why was he. how so. “Wow! ‘Kabe-Don’ on the street! How lovely to see such a beautiful couple!” Suddenly, an exclamation sounded. Florence found three women looking at her and Ernest excitedly, in a posture of admiration and adoration. The other two women also took out their phones for photos while they discussed excitingly. “Oh my, what a gorgeous couple. I am so envious. ” “Give me a ‘Kabe-Don’. I can die for it!” Thanks to these three people, others who were passing by also looked over. Florence was blushing in embarrassment, but before she could speak, she heard his husky voice. “Here is your hint, call me by my middle name or given name

How can he hug her so randomly and naturally? “No, I’m just surprised, we haven’t contacted each other for three days, I thought you. ” have forgotten her. Heh, so she did notice that they hadn’t contacted each other for three days? He thought she was lost in having too much fun

. Ernest soothed his brows and lowered his voice even more, “What?” Florence heard the question and suddenly realized that she had been thinking of Ernest in her heart all the time. She worried that he would forget her and their relationship would be put to an end; therefore, when she saw him, she was so surprised and excited. Even the conversation they were having just now seemed to be quite emotional for her. Such an understanding made her very confused and she said in a flustered manner, “Nothing. ”Just then, with a ‘ding’ sound, the elevator arrived. Florence raised her hand to push him away. But Ernest didn’t let go of her; instead, he stared straight at her and said, “I had to go to Europe to deal with some urgent affairs before. ”Then he let go of her, lifted his long legs and walked out of the elevator. Floerence was stunned. So he didn’t contact her in the past few days because he had to deal with some emergencies in his business?Besides, was he explaining to her just now?The lofty and perfect Ernest was actually giving her an explanation. Florence’s heart quickened. “What are you doing? Come and open the door. ” Ernest’s voice sounded. Florence pulled herself together and quickly walked over. She suddenly realized something when she was about to open the door. She paused to look at him, “Um, did you book the room?” Why did he want to enter her room?“No. ” His answer was really concise. Florence kindly suggested him, “Why don’t you go and book the room before the rooms run out?”Ernest looked at her without moving forward and said, “I will live here tonight. ”The man’s voice was pleasant to ears, and it sounded particularly charming in such a quiet corridor. But what he said made Florence startled. “What? Live…live here?” asked Florence. Ernest frowned slightly and said righteously, “Wasn’t you the one who invited me to come up to your room?”Florence was confused. After a couple of seconds, she finally recalled what she had said to him – ‘Let’s talk about this we come back to the room. ’ She immediately blushed. She didn’t mean that, seriously!“I…”