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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 704 Her Beauty Outshone Other Women

Florence grabbed Bonnie's arm immediately. She said, "Bonnie, I don't have a good vision. Could you come with me to get changed?" Afraid that her words were not convincing enough, Florence added, "It's my first time to attend a palace banquet. I don't want to embarrass you. " She was now living in Andrew's house, and she represented the Andrew's family. She was going to marry Duke Hector, so she would influence his reputation. If she was ugly, they would indeed lose face. Bonnie took a look at Florence's black dress. It was too plain and sloppy. She was really worried about Florence's taste, so she turned to Duke Hector and said, "Sir, can I come along and help Florence pick out her dress?" Duke Hector was slightly dissatisfied. In that way, he couldn't stay with Florence alone. But thinking that in a few hours, Florence would be his bride, he agreed. "OK, let's get in the car. " Florence breathed a quiet sigh of relief. On the way, with Bonnie beside them, the man was honest and didn't do anything intimate with Florence. But his aggressive eyes always fell on Florence, which made her feel numb and nervous. Finally, they arrived at a formal dress department for the royal family. The interior decoration was gold and magnificent. Even the reception staff were all well-trained, wearing clothes with gold trim. It was said that these were all specially trained royal personnel. "Sir, here are the latest evening dresses. " The waitress led them respectfully into a large cloakroom. There were a lot of clothes in the room. Each set was so flashy. It was more luxurious than a big venue for evening dresses. Without looking at the waitress, the man looked straight at Florence and asked with a smile, "Which one do you like, Flory?" That intimate call gave Florence goose bumps. After hearing Bonnie call her Florence, he started calling her Flory. Bonnie was dazzled by the dresses and envied Florence very much. "Florence doesn't have a good taste. I'll help her to choose some," said Bonnie

"That dress is too flamboyant for you. Only a woman as noble as a princess can handle it. " That was what Florence wanted

. She had to wear the same red dress as the princess did. She would like to see who would be embarrassed. Florence was adamant to take that dress. She spoke to the staff, "That one, please. "The waiter was a little hesitant. Numerous ladies had a fancy on the dress, but no one could handle it. Even the princess couldn't handle this, and chose a red satin dress. In their opinion, Florence's trying on the dress was just a waste of time. "Give it to her," said the man. He looked at Florence with interest and kept a bright smile on his lips. He loved Florence all the more. The ambition in her eyes made him want to satisfy her. He could not help feeling a little happy. Florence must have fallen in love with him, so she wanted to dress herself as the most beautiful woman and stand side by side with him. The Duke Hector had given the order, and the staff did not dare to delay. She quickly took down the dress carefully and sent it to the dressing room. Florence took a slightly surprised look at the man, who she thought was annoyed, but agreed on this matter. Florence ignored him and went into the dressing room again. The dress was obviously the jewel of the shop. It was so beautiful and complex that it required the help of three staff to put it on. Florence's feet were a little sore before she finally walked out of the dressing room. No sooner had she stepped out than there were several low screams in the room. Several staffs looked at Florence in amazement and could hardly believe it. "How beautiful!""She can handle it! She looks so great!""It's like the dress is made for her. She is like a queen. "Even the staffs were well-trained, they couldn't help marveling at Florence