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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 110: Her Image Would Be Ruined

Harold quickened his pace and he was just inches in front of Ernest. He approached his target fast but when he took a good look, he didn’t see anybody sitting opposite Phoebe. Where was Florence? He was confused now as he was overcome with stupor. He originally planned to create a coincidental meeting with Florence here by greeting her and sitting around the same table as her. However, she was nowhere to be seen, so how could he follow his original plan now? Seeing that Harold was hesitating about something, Ernest urged him impatiently, “Make a move. ” Harold was stuck in a dilemma. If he had just moved forward like this, all of his arrangements would go to vain. With Florence nowhere to be seen, should he sit together with Phoebe first? As he was mulling over his options, at the same time, he saw Florence and Cooper coming from the direction of the washroom. He was ecstatic and just as he was about to greet Florence, he suddenly saw Florence lose her balance. She started to fall, but Cooper who was beside her immediately stopped her from stumbling over. It looked like the two of them were locked in a hug. Harold twitched the corner of his mouth as he couldn’t let Ernest witness this scene. It would be better if he were to greet her later on. “I think I remember things wrongly just now. Our suite seems to be in that direction. ” Harold immediately pointed in the opposite direction. Ernest initially was just going to change directions without thinking, but with a casual glance, he somehow caught a glimpse of Florence. His icy cold eyes suddenly froze. What he saw was Florence being hugged by Cooper. Harold felt that his head was going to explode with pain, “Hey, Florence looks like she has fallen down, luckily there is a guy there to lend a helping hand. Let’s go check whether she is hurt now. ” He said this casually in an attempt to lure Ernest over there. However, he saw that Ernest was rooted to the spot, and his gaze was fixated on Florence and Cooper with a frozen expression on his face. It felt like the surrounding air had cooled down significantly. After a while, he turned around and walked towards the outside. His steps were heavy and steady, and his back looked somehow distant and emotionless. “Ernest, where are you going?” Harold immediately followed him, and as he took in Ernest’s cold back, he suddenly felt very guilty. Did he just create a mess although he had kind intentions? He would never have imagined that he would stumble upon Florence falling over, and to make things worse, Ernest had to see with his own eyes that she was being hugged by another man. “Please don’t misunderstand, I really saw with my own eyes that Florence has fallen down just now…” “Shut up. ” Ernest barked with a voice that was without emotion. There was a flame of anger in his chest which couldn’t seem to be put out. Florence had rejected him without second thought, yet she was seen eating supper with Cooper, and she seemed very happy too. Was he nothing at all in her heart? “Go to Bread One Restaurant

With a loud bang, Ernest hurled an emptied one away as he took another bottle of wine. He was half-leaning on a sofa and there was a vague and misty look in his eyes. His handsome face was now without any expression

. His huge hand was clasping a box of dice, and he was shaking it violently. “Come again!”The other young masters who were around him exchanged glances amongst themselves. They were all very anxious and worried. As they played this dice game tonight, they didn’t expect Ernest who always looked cool to join voluntarily. However, he lost almost every game, and as punishment he had to down his cup. He was obviously not here to have fun; He just wanted to find a reason to drink. “Harold, Ernest has been drinking too much. He looks like he’s drunk now. I think you should persuade him not to drink anymore. ” Someone suggested worriedly. Harold shrugged and replied, “I don’t think I’m capable of doing that. ”“Why are you standing there? Let’s do it. ” Ernest urged impatiently, and he was exuding a dangerous vibe. A few of them inched backwards, fearing that they would become the target of Ernest’s wrath. They continued to play the dice game with Ernest who could never win. After some passage of time, the table was littered with empty wine bottles. It was hard to even count at the moment. Despite that, this was the first time these young masters could still stay sober after so long. This was because Ernest was the one drinking most of the alcohol there. He leaned against the sofa with his eyes half-closed, looking like he had seemingly sunken deep into the vestiges of his subconscious. Harold let out a sigh and put down the dice. “Let’s call it a day. ”He walked towards Ernest in an attempt to help him up, but as soon as he touched him, his hand was swatted away by Ernest. “Get lost. ”Ernest continued to have his eyes shut but he was able to speak those words with utter coldness and conviction. Harold froze for a moment before trying to convince him, “Ernest, it’s Harold here. I’m going to send you home now. ”Ernest pressed his lips into a line without giving him a reply. Harold tried to help Ernest to his feet again, but this time, Ernest landed a kick on him mercilessly. This caused Harold to crash to the floor butt-first